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The problem we have run up against mobile processing is zoning. The Department has to require a land use compatibility statement (LUCS) be completed by the local city or county planning department saying that the property is zoned appropriately for the activity you plan to do - in this case processing. If each grower also was registered as a handler, you could bring your equipment in and work under their registration. Otherwise, you would need a registration for each location you plan to process on and so far that hasn’t been feasible for anyone I’ve spoke with.


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Where can i get info how to build or buy mobile unit please

The term you’re looking for is “accessory use.”

No that’s incorrect it’s really easy to navigate, Lucs and a lab like mine can be there tomorrow. Lucs takes 30 minutes at county even less in city, cost less in the city too. If testing cost 360 for complete compliance the county Lucs costs 160 in Douglas county is a feasible costs to add to farmers expense. Also this overlooks the ability to use one’s processor license at the site, get lucs contact the state, port the site in, when your done contact state to eliminate site from your handlers license. Jesus christ why is this worth posting? It’s pretty much fake news.

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You buy the correct equipment, follow what I said and stack your money until regulation steps in. Right now it’s pretty easy

Contact me if you need any mobile processing via dm

My querry involved Oregon’s Right to Farm Act. I am looking for use by right to simplify the process. Accessory Use may require months of permitting with maybe as the outcome, making the effort unprofitable.
We are considering the investment if the demand exists.
I will update as we progress.

I don’t agree. The law is pretty easy to navigate. I believe I can easily legally have a processing center anywhere as soon as I have equipment but the city does take longer . A site can be activated immediately specially if the zone is in the county upon sending the paperworkto the state. Like this is what I’m doing, it’s easy to do. The law is written to allow what I’m saying. At least that my defense lol

@snook. Thank you for the work around. We are playing it completely straight.
I provided the verbatim State ODA response, complete with contact info. I am surprised at a “fake news” response. My interest is sharing verifiable informationation for everyone’s benefit.

Apeks offered a mobile unit. Look at their site for details.

There is no work around, that’s the work through. The facility needs a license, any farm meets the requirements so to get a lucs it’s nothing. I work with that woman she is good and I don’t think she was intentionally not giving it to you, i just don’t think that’s been a problem she had or has to figure out. If you open multiple sites it’s the same process. The fake news was just a joke. But I do offer that service on here of mobile extraction and this is not fully informed or misleading and anything I do would be working directly with the states approval. They don’t need the information if it’s a temporary lab at that site or not, length of stay is not one of their concerns, it just needs to be legal and go town. A mobile co2 sounds like a nightmare, no offense, along with the limited output and I’m cool.


An exceptional response Snook, thank you.
I agree alcohol is the process to get r done.
The issue I see is the 3 phase power requirements for most off the shelf processors. A 3 phase generator adds more weight equipment and fuel difficulties.
I am glad to know you have this worked out successfully.
You are the answer to so many farmers plight.
With respect…

My equipment runs of 60 amps. If you have 3 stage and in a remote area where install would be expensive rent a 3 stage generator or buy one. In my opinion you just need to write out what your doing and try to think how to get there. You’ll come to numerous roadblocks and if you can’t navigate them hire someone who can. Nobody taught any of this to us. You’re going to have to be a problem solver.


The world is too boring without problems to solve.
I believe you mean 3 phase for power. Stage is usually asdociated with compression.
In keeping with the forum I add tangents, vocabulary and ideas for the less experienced as starting points. I will never have anything valuable enough to charge for.
I am here to appreciatively learn and share what little I have in reciprocation.
I would like to more about a mobile ambulance extractor. How cool is that?

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Correct. 3 phase. Lol

What’s is a Lucs?

Land use certificate. It is a verification from the gov entity of the jurisdiction that the use is within the properties zoning.

Look at commercial GENSET rentals. You can power 200A @440V 3-phase on about $8 of diesel an hour. The generators themselves cost around 1500 per month each to rent and 200A would take 2-3 depending on KVA