Orange Photonics Lightlab - For Sale

Item: Orange Photonics LightLab

Location: Crook County, OR

Price: $12,000.00

Used about 10 times, this lab is accurate and great for mobile testing. Comes with all of the necessary testing supplies for ~ 100 tests. DM for additional details if interested.

How does it do on D8?

There is a software upgrade scheduled for this year that will allow this model to detect D8.

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open to offers? :slight_smile: or firm price .

any idea what the accuracy will be like?

From the handful of times we used it, we found that it can be very accurate.

Also, what modules does it come with?

How old is this unit and what is the remaining warranty period?

1 year warranty, expires 10/31.

Not sure about the modules, are you referring to software or additional supplies?
Supplies - everything shown in the pictures (enough for over 100 tests)

Open to offers