OR Solvent Recovery CBD

A large hemp processor based in the central Willamette Valley is seeking several experienced extractors to join our extraction team due to significant growth in our business. Starting hourly rate: $20.00/hour.

The successful candidates will be experienced at operating forklifts, process controls and manufacturing equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities
● Conduct pre and post processing inspections of equipment to determine operability and safety of equipment.
● Operate process controls on systems that handle high temperature liquids.
● Cleaning of processing equipment and storage totes.
● Use forklift to move work in process inventory.
● Operate other equipment as needed including drying machines, roller mill, and extraction equipment.
● Entering and maintaining customer and production logs in accordance with ODA and company protocols.
● Collaborate with supervisor on duty and other operators to complete tasks as required.
● Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in the yard at all times including safety vests, glasses and gloves.
● Other duties as assigned.

Please send a cover letter and resume to hiring@columbiahtc.com

Looks like a great opportunity.

forklift required to lift a 200L rotovap ball or what? confusing post title.

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In all honesty this is sad. Saying your company has experienced significant growth and still only want to pay EXPERIENCED extractors 20/hr

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Email sent out

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I’ll run it for 10k a month


It’s pretty in line with most lab tech jobs I’ve seen posted lately. Are you going to get any all stars? No, but experienced in this context might be more like “ran rotavap for 6 months at previous lab”.


Look, i’d like to see people paid more too. I’m just saying this is pretty typical in the current situation. Greedy? Possibly. But not unusual. If every tech was getting paid $30, all the better, but I haven’t seen that much. When I consult I always suggest high wages for all the hires, for the same reason you lay out here.

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They run their operation outdoors literally dumping totes of solvent and huge stainless buckets of hemp with tilting forks.


Thats exactly what it is intended to mean. Gonna have to reword this.

I know a company in CO that does that, here’s some stories of their 12-15/hr clown show. Hexane vat + fume hood = fire tornado, guy that blew up a freezer, a guy that second degree burned his hand with the heavies fraction, and a guy that lost a thumb. All from the same facility.

Not bad people but not trained, not educated, not experienced enough. Additionally, with so little worth placed on them by management it is no surprise they are constantly rushed and lax on safety.