Opinions on Sogevac SV40 BI pump

Hi there! I can get this pump for a very good price right now and I want to know if it’s worth it, or if I should just spend my money on an Edwards, also would it be over kill for a 5L Short path, or 5L Roto it’s roughly 28 cfm it was listed as 48 meter squared/h

Bump still wondering:)

I looked at the specs. I’m no expert. But the ultimate vacuum on that pump was 5x10^-2 which I think is 50 micron. Not to mention it’s single stage and most of the ones I saw on eBay where 220v.

I bought my pumps for $300 each and they get down to 6.5 micron, and I plan to use that on a 500ml short path; 10x smaller than the 5l your planning on.


I use the sv65 on a 12L for volatiles then switch it over to the Edward’s so my Edwards dont take such a beating. Those sogevacs are throw away pumps so you don’t trash your good Edwards. I think that sogevac and an Edwards would be a good set up for your 5L short path


interesting stuff! Kinda pricey for a throw away pump imo haha! What size Edwards do you guys think I should run?

Yeah but its cheaper than replacing two Edwards 30s in my case. And it just keeps my good pumps that I need deep vac on as clean as possible. I was able to scoop that sogevac for 1k

If you had cheap alcatels for the main fraction think the sogevac is still worth it? 850 on a good one local here.