Opinions on china cls build parts list

I second this suggestion, unless you’re pretty handy and are doing this as a hobby, skip the pain and let killa do all the hard work for you.

You’ll get a good rig that’s ready to go at your doorstep in a few days probably.


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Every piece of equipment we’ve purchased from china has had severe weld quality and corrosion issues. I’d definitely stick with the forum recommendation.


Clone @Killa12345

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I had to post this pic. I’ve been patiently waiting for the right time.


If you’re after Chinese steel this is the only answer needed imo, dude is A1

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I definitely have not had this problem personally, and killa’s steel is Chinese too.

Not dissing that fact at all, but it’s Chinese steel all the same.

My apologies, I didn’t word my response well. My point was to emphasize how easy it is to buy junk from China if you don’t have someone knowledgeable sourcing the components.


No apologies needed!


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Hoping to add some value here. We’ve implemented probably 15 Chinese systems at small to large scale. They can be an awesome value or they can be a pain. Couple things you want to watch out for: 1) Chinese suppliers will always let you buy the cheapest option, esp when it comes to pumps and motors. Then they break and the nightmare starts. 2) Their stainless can be great, though not always, so you want to talk to a few folks who have worked with that mfr. I’ve heard stories of welds breaking, etc, 3) Get your motors and pumps from US, Germany or maybe Korea. Make sure they’re UL and ideally peer reviewed. Remember, we’re talking moving parts under repetitive strain, you don’t want a missing bearing or bad seal to ruin your day and revenue stream, 4) Most of these guys you deal with are trading companies, not the mfr, so your best bet is to go over and meet the mfr, see his stuff.
Hope that helps! Reach out if I can help.


Can you send me a link to buy one of these outfits? :fire::fire::fire:


No, these outfits


All jokes aside, can you attest to the quality of these guys steel/welds? The one in the link you posted.

I dont own one personally. Was thinking about getting one and or piecing once together like it.

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Yeah I keep reading mixed reviews about chinese steel. Sounds like it really matters which manufacturer you buy from when buying chinese steel… The general consensus I have gathered is that there are a few manufacturers over there that do great work (Killa’s plug) and then others who suck. I just don’t who is who.


Yep yep. Only one way to find out (thats if noones gonna give up their plugs)

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yeah…sorry guys! if you all wanna find my plug its gonna take some more research and money. After you get a quote for that extractor and shipping post it up. Looks like its gonna cost about $700 plus shipping.

There is a few things i know about guoya and this is gonna save you a lot of time and frustration as ive used them for parts in the past and still get some things from them. This is the tough part about buying in china. Some factories specialize in certain parts.

I would not buy a single clamp, valve, or hose from that company. Thats a pretty big help so your not buying these parts twice. There are other parts i wouldnt buy either but someone that hasnt seen 5000x extractors might not see or notice the quality differences. None of those other parts are safety concerns just appearance. The first parts i mentioned are super safety concerns as they are major parts of the construction of the system. My extractors have parts sourced from 4x different factories…ones that specialized in various parts to prevent failures.

Good luck with the introduction to chinese imports.


I will say anyone who hasn’t done buying on alibaba is usually in a rude awakening when the actual cost is quoted.

Things are still relatively cheap mind you, but not nearly as much as advertised when all is said and done.

And you kinda hosed if it’s something that isn’t any good. You can return it, but then you have to pay shipping back there.