Opinions on china cls build parts list

looking into purchasing or piecing together a new system. any opinions/input/help?

Contact @Killa12345 or visit his site Qualitystainlessparts.com






Yep @killa12345 will give you a good deal.


Agree with everyone, killa will give you a good deal. Sometimes paying a little bit more saves time and money in the end.

That being said, I’d personally add a tee and another ball valve on top of the solvent lid. That way you can rig a diptube in it and have a vapor and liquid line on there.


Besides the great service @Killa12345 probably has all of it in stock and you will not have to wait till after CNY. What most people dont realize is his exceptional service pretty much comes with a free consult service.


The OP asked me already but said their budget was 500 for a 1lb system as shown. Im sorry i dont even pay that cheap for a 1lb extractor and buying 35x at a time. I really wish i could help everyone…

Thanks for all that referred me…


:man_facepalming:t2: we all know what’s pictured is more than $500. Did he want you to source biomass and extract it also? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bro…if anyone knows the length ill go to close a big sale…its you! :rofl::joy::rofl::zipper_mouth_face:


Oh man, that’s a little under even my budget.

I figured I just add my opinion on what else they could do with what was presented to us.

We plug you enough, I also figured they already checked your site out and wanted to save a little bit of money. (which I don’t mind btw, you’re a good dude from what I’ve seen and experienced)



We’ll all still help btw, no shade meant on my part.


i helped…i told him or her the first 2 they sent the links for were totally wrong…mismatched collections to materials and other problems…im not a dick like that…im just not gonna say which supplier i use for what.

the picture above looks nothing like the first 2 links i got from DM. that extractor will work perfectly unlike the first 2 links i got sent in DM


I know you’re not, and no one else here is.

Just saying I’m happy to answer any questions they have, and we all will too.

Coming from past experience, we all kind of come off a little rough sometimes when it’s not meant when someone is new here.


Ahh, I see. That’s a bit of unknown information.

Well, I can say from personal experience, if I was starting from scratch, 1300 is very reasonable for what you’re offering.

It seems like a bit much for someone coming in for the first time, but tops your saving a few hundred I’d day.

Then you have to spend the time researching and building, which is a time sink on it’s own.

If you’re hard up and on a strict budget, or like doing that stuff as a hobby, which I do, I get piecing the system together. But if not, you’re rigs are definitely fair.

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I already know my G. I would never order SS from another company again. Chit the only SS I have ordered from other places is when you tell me who to order stuff we need.

@kay420 Who is your sales rep Jenny? That price they show on Allibaba is always 40% lower than the real price + shipping, just an FYI. Allibaba Fu on :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:


Lol, yeah, there’s always that sticker shock when first checking things out on alibaba.


Prime example from the same company. They show you this fancy looking 5lb system and $900-$5k. The add clearly says 5lb system is what they are advertising.

Then you scroll to the description page and you realize it’s the bait and switch. They are really selling a 2lb system and I will bet the farm is does not come with the rolling rack. :man_facepalming:t2:

This will be your experience 98% of the time dealing with chinese sellers on Allibaba. Killa has put in years of work finding his suppliers. Trust me when I tell I know it hasn’t been easy. His price comes with the best after sales service in and sector bar none.


The 1300 is built and pressure tested which for anyone that has built on for the first time…its not the easiest and the most fun time you will have chasing down leaks. I can discount the parts for just a parts kit and still stand behind the parts but its more than 500$ still.


I’m just gunna leave my $0.02 cents.
Do yourself a favor. Get your system from @Killa12345
You wont be disappointed :grin:
The reply’s to little questions you have down the road, are worth 10x the amount of any savings you might have down the road.

What we need to do is start a cloning a thread. So we can clone multiple copies of @Killa12345. Just so we can have more of him to go around. :rofl::rofl::rofl: