Opinions on across international short path

Hi there I’m looking for my first set up, I was thinking of going with the across international 5L but with the Lab Society high efficiency head. I’m just worried about the quality of glass. Any opinions?

Summit offers some distillation heads that stomp on the Lab society HE head


Like what head? I’ve heard that the LS HE head can cut run times in half…

im in the market for a new set of glassware so i too am interested in what you end up with


I’ve never used an AI SPD. I use a Jacketed SPD from Deschem a science glass supplier off of eBay based in chine. Ik… ik China glass gets a terrible reputation but I’ve been buying off this supplier for a solid 3 years now and I’m very content. All my labware has sustained all of my extractions and my SPD has lasted me a solid 3 years. I think thickness and temperature reliability is more worth looking into than just a supplier. It’s always good to look into specs. That being said ChemGlass makes a reliable USA manufactured SPD unit as well as AI if you are not into the whole “china glass”


3 500ml flasks
1 250 ml flask
1 1,000ml double neck flask
my cow head
my jacketed spd

almost nearly all my glassware came from Deschem (china) and If you want to go expensive or name brand I say you;re paying more for the name than the quality’ cause 3.3 boro is 3.3 boro nmw which way you look at it, ya know.


deschem is a good company, It’s a long wait for glass from china though.


most of the stuff i order from china gets to my door from 10-14 days. It can take 5-7 days from seattle to miami, and there is always express shipping. With the weight of the glass, you can express ship it for about $10 more normal and have it in 5 days.

Just ask deschem to express ship it and pay the difference. I cant see all the glass ware together weighing more than 10kg packed…give or take 23lbs…I know for a fact that i can use my fedex acct and get this shipped for under $45, and thats if its 23lbs, which i seriously doubt.

Just a thought to a work around to shipping times.


How are you pay around 4.6 Kg to ship from China!? When I order steel and shipped through fedex it’s about 7.5 a kg

You can see my posts in the past. This is the business I’m in. I buy tons as in metric weight of steel products from China monthly. $5 a kg sound about right for FedEx.

I just sent 600kg sea for under $800. With a forklift unload at my warehouse.

I really don’t know what else to say other than you might need a different logistics person. :beers:

There are some gems in my previous posts about circumventing customs on steel goods, Freight forwarding and logistics. What city are you shipping from Wenzhou, Shanghai, another port city?

What are you trying to import? And at what quantities ?


i wouldnt go the cheap route on distillation gear, high quality glass will save you time money and mg, go cheap on other things like roto’s and such. the 45/50 silvered head from LS is a monster for throughput.


Absolutely avoid AI SPD equipment. I’ve personally seen 8 of 10 of their mantles catch on fire. The glasware is trash all around. I’d rather order LaBoy on Amazon than AI. With that being said, LS and Summit are gonna be your two best options. LS has better customer service imo.


Thank you I will avoid it like the plague

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I’ll keep you guys in the loop on what system I go with

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What aspects specifically stand out this way?

From my own experiences, all other things equal, the LS HE head has the same throughput as an equal height summit head, with the added benefit of the silvering + jacket on the bottom, and not on the top. This gives two advantages, firstly the silvering reduces the loss of energy in the form of IR, thus reducing the heat input to the boiling flask needed to get cannabinoids up over the cup. The second advantage is the gradient created when the silvering/jacketing is removed. The top of the LS head acts as a precondenser, which causes more of the cannabinoids to condense and fall into the collection side of the cup opposed to falling back into the boiling flask. This reduces potency at the sake of increased throughput, which is the goal of the “inverted cup”, ie modified alembic design.


I ordered a lot from Laboy that is great because they make stuff not always available at ctech glass or chemglass. There are the typical hand blown irregulatities but somehow the hand blown flaws don’t seem to bother much on the tiny 14/20 jointed stuff I use. One item got held for 45 days at customs but otherwise the stuff got here fairly fast.


I would avoid Across. Their equipment is Chinese-made garbage and they have hands down the -worst- support I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been very satisfied with my Lab Society gear. I would suggest is skipping the GL connections and buying their wide bore upgrade at the beginning. Your vac depth will thank you.


I think their ovens aren’t too bad I have a 0.9 cu ft accutemp. From what I’ve read on this page is that they should’ve stuck with just ovens.

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I got a leaky oven from them but their customer service was stellar. Within the day. They had someone picking up the bad oven, and I had another one inside of 48 hours and an upgraded model from the one I purchased.

I’ve had one of their pumps now for over 4 years with mimimal oil changes and it still pulls good vac.