Opening an escrow service

We can provide professional escrow service among other things including financing - is this something that the community may find benefit? If so, what input would you offer to make this the best escrow service for the cannabis community?

Can provide or have provided.
Like you’re thinking about getting your feet wet or already have a service ready with customers.

I would input what your offering detailed out bullet point style. Show your website. Etc.

If this is just for idea building and inspiration.
Blockchain would be almost expected these days.

You’re a capital group? What type of financing.

More goods to embellish your original statement would be nice. I would try to understand what your actual client goals are. Cannabis license holders needing escrow and financing?


Awesome idea. Are you in r&d or actually making transactions?

We do both, do both, can much more.

Yes to all the above. We can do bridge loans, equity plays, JV, anything and everything - experienced in all areas of finance.

This is a pilot for us in hemp, so all new customers.