Only The Strong sauce tek


What if one were to pour off terpenes in the initial crash out(cold) , then add what was poured off in gas and cap off to allow a cleaner THC formation without terpenes?


It’ll work…

And Yes you can re X in butane without terps

But ur first Crystallization w terps will be a super clean crystal already if done right…

U can wash clean w etoh , pentane… etc in a buchner funnel

But for sure u can isolate things, don’t forget to crash the terps portion bc no way will u get all the crystals out in cold crash


Have done it a couple times but never continued the crash, just separated terps for a better shatter pour off.


Like @hambread has said multiple times though…
If your just after purity and don’t care if diamond you can just take the cold crash and be done instead waiting 3wks…


Total end amount from green jar run was 30g/30g split perfect between diamond and terp. So 50% return into diamonds instead of what would of ben regular shatter. Seems low?


How much material did you run?


Did u pour the terps to let them set in sealed jar? For another 2wks or so?


3x36 column


3 month old freezer trim,


I poured into a smaller jar about 10-11 days ago, got an addition 6-7 outta it today when poured off for the 2nd time. Anyone else have percentages? Just weighed the diamonds seperate from the terps and spot on 30/30. So 50/50% seperation return.


So about 2lbs…that yield is a bit low for how much i normally see per 2lbs run…Generally I see 100-150 grams per 2 lbs…depending on the material of course.


Found a cleaner that has dual hrz 20/40khrz


Most amounts these columns are rated for dont seem right. Cant seem to be able to pack even pure nuggs and get 2lbs inside. Plus it was literally outdoor small leafs and trim, i cant see you getting 150 grams outta your first wash through a dewax column running chilled tane??? Even with nuggs thats a pretty high yield :confused: ive only ben able to get those yields not using a dewax sleeve and heating my butane tank and building 110-120 pounds of pressure in my column which im sure your all gonna condone as too much which def was.


Sweet take some pics of it in action. I did not know they made cleaners that had selectable frequencies. When I tried my 40khz it seemed to agitate the jar too much but when I used a lab stand to suspend the jar in the water it seemed to agitate it quit a bit less. I have not tried a ultrasonic assisted fresh run yet.


I’m waiting for the vid :popcorn:


I have many times! But usually see average around 110ish. My best return off 2 lbs was 212 grams! (Edit: it was a little over 2lbs like 2.25, but all’s fit in the column)A lot of it is the starting material itself! How long do you soak? I run a 24x4 with short 4” sight glass to see when soaking and can get 2-.2.5lbs in the column every time.


This was the only one that I found that did have dual selecting option! And from what I’ve seen the cavitation is pretty violent at 20khrz…not sure if the shaking will matter. I don’t have a stand so I’ll do a test run with an empty or water filler jar see out crazy it shakes!


I received my frequency generator and large surface 5w transducer/exciter. The gen will run the transducer but I tried to hook it up to the 2 much larger transducers on my ultrasonic cleaner and they would not drive them. I am guessing I need an amp to drive them. I didn’t try upping the voltage so will try that next.


I soak for about an hour with tane. I chill my dewax sleeve with dry ice and 99 iso for 4 to 5 hours.


Add a second soak!