Only The Strong sauce tek


I would assume it increases the yield more than better or faster but perhaps all of the above, I’ve never gone without cold crashed, except a jar that never nucleaated I added butane and let it sit and it grew smaller stones, I think you get a more sandy consistency without


I ask because usually if you freeze participate in extractions it makes smaller crystals. Slow evaporation causes crystals to stack as they lose room they grow on each other, but takes time…seeding helps the crystals link up but too many seeds will cause smaller crystals.


That’s interesting, exactly what extractions are you referring to freeze precipitating?


Cold crash
…more dropping the thca to bottom like cryo said…
They melt at room temp being clear layer on bottom …

Then you move on the slow evap of the solvent to really get the thcA you gathered to form…

It’ll work without cold crash just fine… But cold crash should help, everything better


I learned from making AB extracts of different substances. One of easiest ways to get fast clean crystals is to freeze participate if possible. The cost is size of crystals.

I thought I saw ppl having the crystals only partially melt and was wondering if skipping the freeze participation and just using slowwwww evaporation would help increase size of diamonds.

I’m thinking even filtering real quick before jaring could help to. The cleaner the larger your crystals can be because of less seeding.

These are basically all recrystillization basics. I forgot to add moving the bottles around will also not help it build and affect crystal size.


There are a few different methods but this one works well so I’ve quit trying to do other methods and stuck with this one.
I’ve read that jacketed diamond miners and ramping temp from 0c to30 then back to 0 over 1 hour periods can grow very large Crystal’s but I cant say for sure, its somewhere deep in this thread where I read it


Makes total sense. At some point your just playing with yourself…but big crystals always look so beautiful.
Bringing the temp down slowly is another way yes. I’ve seen that work faster in some cases but have yet to really understand it. But faster crystals also trap contaminants more of present in my experience.


they are also full of occluded solvent…

to pass state mandated residual solvent testing, you will probably have to pulverize and purge.

which is why other solvent systems have been suggested.


Mine grown using otssc method all pass residual testing so far, the terps are the hard part to get to pass, and even they pass but it’s harder to get them below 500 ppm


Awesome. I have no personal data points on that.

can you give a size on those?
and maybe growth time?

literature states that larger crystals will generally have more occluded solvent molecules.

presumably large crystals grown more quickly will have more solvent stuck in them than similar sized crystals grown more slowly.


Yeah, they have all been grown at room temp (~70°f) for 21-30 days mostly around 24 days, sizes range from large sand to about 1/4" pebble size, so nothing huge, I’d be curious if seed Crystal’s get solvent stuck in them since its stopped then restarted, and I think that contributes to the largest stones I’ve seen on IG


Yep esp if they cloudy white and not clear



Ok, I’m gonna back down…

when aiming at 500ppm or 800ppm residual hydrocarbons, THCA boulders are hard.

Given that CO has raised their limit to 5000, and WA, OR, CA, and MT (so probably most others at this point) also have a 5000ppm butanes limit, it shouldn’t be a problem.


No it’s not to hard to pass but anything over 500 seems to sizzle more when it hits the heat. Seen a few larger ones somewhat pop when they hit, and I personally think they are a little more harsh above 500


500ppm seems like a far more reasonable limit. easy enough to hit with any BHO.

5000ppm seems ludicrous to me. certainly no excuses for failing!!


Right, I cant imagine how they would hit/burn at 5k you could probably light em up with a bic lighter,
I put anything back in the oven if it’s much above 500 I want it to be 0 but that doesnt seem possible except for good old crumble wax


I asked because on one of my runs my filter broke and that’s what it looks like. The rest of the runs where clear except for that one. I also don’t do the cold crash Tech I just blast and jar.


What I normally get.


So can sauce have over 500 Ppms and no sizzle when dabbed? I usually just dab mine until they don’t sizzzle at all