old dog learning new ways of making oils

i am new here but been reading off and on for about a year.
i started making oils in 1977-78 with a iso 2 machine.
no one was overly found of it. so i made dry sift mostly.
about 2004 or so ago i read about BHO on overgrow.
used a stainless turkey baster quite a few times. i will not
say i am the first one to add alcohol to BHO but might be.
i noticed when i dipped my screen to clean into a jar of
alcohol it effervescent ed. so added everclear to a dish
of oil. really fizzed. then i read it broke the butane bond.
now that is common. not made oil in a year or two. i
bought two glass blasting tubes not long ago and a stand.
one is 20" other is 12" 2" around each. i know many here
do not like open blast’s. i am going to use blueflame to
blast with. it will be first time of using it. also i have made
a pretty good dry sift machine. two bugs to work out on it yet.
static and noise. i might share how to make it one day. is
under $200 in parts for it. does 1/4-1/2 lb at a time.
i want to thank you for all the great knowledge here.
cheers Lrus007


Hey buddy, I avoid using glass tubes it just sounds like a bad idea with pressure swings


thank you, i am here to learn.

If you have the money check out caliextractions.com for open blast stainless steel columns

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thanks i might go with the 24" stainless one.
little broke atm but bookmarked page thank you.