Oklahoma's Republican 12 point Death Stomp on BM


OKLAHOMA CITY – Republicans in the Oklahoma House on Monday unveiled a package of new restrictions on the state’s booming medical marijuana industry, designed to crack down on illegal growers who sell cannabis on the black market.

The 12-point plan includes a standardization of lab testing and equipment, more inspections of grow facilities, separate licenses for marijuana wholesalers and stringent new reporting requirements for electric and water usage by growers. One proposal would also make the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority a stand-alone agency, not a division of the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

“If you’re an illegal operator in Oklahoma, you’re time is up," said Rep. Scott Fetgatter, an Okmulgee Republican and a member of the House Republican working group on medical marijuana.

The marijuana industry has been booming in Oklahoma since voters in 2018 approved one of the most liberal medical programs in the nation. It’s easy for patients to obtain a two-year medical license, and nearly 10% of the state’s population is now authorized to buy and use marijuana. Unlike other states, there also are no restrictions on the number of dispensary or grow licenses, and the low cost for entry into the industry has led to a flood of out-of-state pot entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the boom.

But the low barriers for entry and the loose regulatory environment also has led to a huge increase in the number of illegal operators, according to law enforcement.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics last month announced one of the state’s largest-ever marijuana busts involving more than 200 federal, state and local officers and a dozen grow operations. Agents seized more than 100,000 plants and thousands of pounds of bulk processed marijuana destined for other states, including California, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas.

Even medical marijuana industry professionals agree there should be stricter enforcement, said Chip Paul, a marijuana processor who helped write the state question voters approved in 2018.

“Absolutely, I would think generally the industry feels like things are too loose on the back end," Paul said. “But we don’t necessarily need more regulation. We just need our current regulations to be enforced."

Paul, who operates a marijuana processing facility in the Tulsa area, said he’s had a license since 2018 and had his first state inspection last week.

XD yall getting the message?


is it hard to profit when growing largescale? Is bacdooring just a thing due to laxness or you cant run without it? it feels like id pay the taxes if I was selling lbs a day.

Would you like 25c a gram or less?

for hemp? or dank- no on dank It makes no sense because retail here is like 150 a 1/4 after tax. is it legal in all states in between?

Lol who’s shipping Oklahoma to Cali.


XD probably the same people who thought they could ship it to OK

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Who is served by these malicious conservatives? Chad? If traditional market is a threat to you than your in it for the wrong reasons.

Should be home grow Nation wide rec & med.
It’s just the ongoing repeat of the same thing we see in most states before Oklahoma. At least they didn’t start out like Ohio.

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Title of thread should be updated to

"Oklahoma’s Republican 12 point Hailmary to SAVE the Growers of the BM"


Lot of fuss for a state that isn’t even rec

This is just a helpful gesture towards BM growers that ok low prices affected.

“Hemp” did the same thing and states have reigned that in as well.

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Oklahoma is catching on to the cali model maybe? You can only backdoor all your work If you paid a fuckload in permitting/application fees/environmental impact studies, etc. Then. You have to pay another fuckload in square footage taxes to the county each month and THEN… you can backdoor right on site by the box truck to anybody who wants to drive there from out of state.


the top notch growers can obv sell to cali. arent a bunch of instagrammers in ok? I grew up in cali- it doesnt make me grow good weed, I learned in Illinois Most cali growers really stink but they grew up in parents basement to good genetics available and a good environment. they are still slackers