Oklahoma Land

This might be the spot then, local highway 177 is the only paved road for 23 miles until any store.

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No worries, just a question.

I’m just extremely interested in their business model. Business school stuff. Big people balance sheet maf…

We have land around you. Selling a ranch. Moving.

Our power grid is under a total review. Greenhouses and growrooms pulling huge amps will have a change of life soon. Especially the extremely rural large grows.
Getting bumped down the propane gas line will happen next time too.

If your OG&E power goes out more often or your equipment burns up quicker it’s bc you live on a overworked circuit and it’s gonna suck to be you.

Long damn way to walk home with your ass in your hand .

I’m moving away from those situations.

More grid meltdowns mean future regulations. Yep

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Why selling your ranch? Our grazing land is actually quite valuable here in the Stratford/Sulphur area. We run 400 acres right off US 177. I understand your concern for greenhouses and infrastructure issues, however I don’t believe OG&E nor PEC, in Oklahoma are having major overhaul plans. I cannot foresee the OMMA setting usage standards on tax paying businesses. What is concerning is the lack of standards and consistent testing laboratories in Oklahoma. If anything needs oversight. It’s laboratory SOPs.


Check out all of the rural machine shops running 350 Doosan and Hass CNCs. 365, 24/7. I’ll tell you there is three in the town of sulphur. One of which being a mom and pop oilfield shop. Power, essentially the grid as well, is stable down here. This is only my humble 26 year old opinion though, OSU didn’t give me a degree an electrical engineering. Only chemistry🤔


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Ok, here’s War and Peace reply on power.

Power providers are pissed. That’s it.

Repair and upgrades to your grid are under advisement on “how” ,
not what to do about the problems facing power and lap gas outages.

Talk is rural utilities companies are preparing to shift their repair costs back to the high kWh users. If a large companies require say 3phase service. Guess who pays for it? Them,

If these users are melting the grid pulling more of a unmeetable demand, system upgrades will be introduced to these high kwph customers.
Bitch all you want. Future is pay for your infrastructure or do without when the power to the grid is compromised. new grows requiring high kwph usage just won’t be able to slide in and produce just anywhere anymore. That’s the plan being walked thru behind the scenes.

If the crop is a multimillion dollar grow. That is what is how to pay for infrastructure and utilities in their eyes.

The Cost to service new customers. Residential vs commercial customers. Big difference. These boots on the ground see the $100s thousands dollars many new out of state growers fork out on 55 new greenhouses. Peeling off those $C notes for any expense no matter what is the reason gives a certain perception, whether true or not. That’s the song. Syndicated business is the talk. Talk is turning to action. Started at top. These companies are not stupid. M word…

The utilities see this problem in very rural areas where it’s a challenge to provide reliable services to both residential and commercial customers.
Sometimes you don’t get to have both.

If your a commercial user and require vip power services. Rural utilities will give you dedicated power and redundancy options. If you disagree, they can disconnect on their own prerogative. Pissed off and can speak English, it won’t do any good complaining. You just don’t get grow juice…
Redi-killawatt ain’t your friend anymore. All the extra demand on the grid means they must pump more power (Amperage ) thru very old network of suck old equipment. Transformers, lines, relay and sub stations etc. This extra power blows the weakest link in the grid. Repair that and next downstream problem arises. Never ending issue. Extra amperage melts everyone’s electrical devices of many kinds. Weakens everything in the grid network bc power extreme fluctuations. This shit is all monitored 24/7/365. They know where the problems are. What problems a very few customers that are more or less blowing up everyone’s electricity.
Denial of services are next. New service and even critical repairs. Bitch loud and first is pay for system repairs and upgrades. Keep bitchin they just turn you off. And they can…

Better sharpen those business models for extra expenses.

On selling our property. Death in family, probate tax circumstances. Moving to build another farm. Must move Further away for peace and tranquility , pretty women with nice tits, my ar10s and big boom toys. And who wants to leave out loud rock and roll music. Plus no fucking neighbors I don’t like…
Lucky I can…

Think I’m full of shit? …ok.

There’s more

If this pisses you off wait until you hear about property tax changes in the future… School superintendents see dollars and revenue their small schools are missing out of.

Enforcement is just around the corner… no definite timelines but you heard it now.

Ask Kerr Pump who paid their infrastructure power upgrade…lol

hmm, thats why you need to get in quick I guess. Its already a shitshow. I see some crazy news about texas electric bills going from 100 to thousands, I can only imagine how much commercial businesses of all types are paying. Like a million to light up and heat home depot. OOPS, home depot is smart enough to do the standard fee plan and didnt get hit with those fees. In my area we have lots of electricity, Theres no way indoor growing commercially could dent it. Ups probably has 1000 hps fixtures in the building on top of a million horsepower in conveyor belts. The lakes next to the nuclear plants have good fishing too.

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And lastly, @thumper, he actually did you a favor!


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Hahaha. Yeah Mark and Brandon Nowell are my neighbors conveniently, I asked this since the storms took out most power here. Of course they paid for their own infrastructure upgrades, why would it fall on anyone else?

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setting me off to start drinking when i wake up is not a favor imo, nice song though

If that’s what sets you off you need to quit drinking…


I dont like being referred to as the local dumbass. Poiint out any technical misadivice ive given, I have a good memory and remeber a few. It took like 8000 misposts on crc to just figure out basic stuff.

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I agree

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Smoke weed… helps my friend! :love_you_gesture:j


The Okies call that “purple gold”.


green corn to purple gold


you need to sell 10x 10 spaces like they live in the streets of cali.

feed them organic food and you can use the shit as compost.

I’m interested. Can we talk ?

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