Oil possibly in solvent

If one were not to change oil filter on GC5000. Would it be possible for oil to leak into solvent? I can see oil that has been leaking from the bottom of stack. Mind you this is not my equipment and have recommended oil filter change for months. Also can see oil type substance in solvent when done distilling.

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look inside the lines on the outlet side of the pump


I had the same leaking problem The maintenance team had to rebuild the bottom half of the stack. They said it’s unlikely that the GC5000 oil is seeping into your solvent, unless the 2 packing sets are completely destroyed but they said more than likely the pump wouldn’t run before that happened. Definitely change your oil in the meantime, but we broke the GC5000 down completely to the bottom half. There’s a lot of cork seals in that area. Do you have the GC5000 manual to show how to properly take apart and rebuild the pump?


Yes I do but at that point I’m just gonna try and switch over to passive. I’m gonna replace oil and filter and see if that helps if not I’m not switch over to passive. Pump has been ran a shit ton for 2 years straight 8 hours a day and still same factory oil filter lol

The best thing for passive is one of those Venturi vac pumps that you can power off your nitrogen tank

Super easy to keep dumping pressure into negative on your solvent tank as it recovers solvent

Where are you located? Let’s get that pump to a doctor.


I just rebuilt my GC5000 after beating on it for 18 months, I highly doubt your oil filter is the cause of the contamination.

1st make sure the oil in solvent you are seeing is not water. I had this happen once.

If it is leaking oil into the gas recovery you will have to replace the packing seals and cylinder rings … it helps to have a mechanical background to tear it apart and get it reassembled properly but the one thing you can do to test if your packing seals are leaking is to monitor the crack case pressure, it should be low… if your GC5000 is randomly puking oil out like mine was, its likely the packing seals

Hope this helps ya, good luck