Offering up my consulting services!

Name: Ronald Deep
Company Name: RSC LLC
Contact Info:
Location: California/Oregon
Team Size: 1

Services Offered: Full consulting services and site drafting
Rates, if public: 1,000/hr
States Available in: California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, etc…
Insured?: Liability available per as need basis
OLCC Workers Permit?: No

Using an alias name as I prefer to not be 100% public.

Offering my consulting services, and deep knowledge within this industry. Have take. Many companies/firms, and expanded their manufacturing and cultivation potentials very greatly. Most recent firm started at a 2.5 million dollar valuation, and with my direction/consulting help for the past few months, is at a conservative 30 million dollar valuation.

I have a non-compete limited to a small region on CA.
I am allowed to operate in other regions, otherwise.

Looking for further partnerships to become involved within, and I bring experience that only a few other consultants can bring to the table.
Not only interested in charging on a perhr basis. Pending on project scale, I will work for sweat equity or a flat rate.

From basic ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction, to pesticide remediation of PBO/pyrethrins using reverse phase flash chromatography. You name it I have likley had experience doing research on it.

Looking to expand my personal portfolio, and will likley end work in this sector after 2019 ends.

Contact via email or this website is preferred.