Offering Tolling Crude to Distillate and Isolate

We are now fully operational and offering tolling on crude to distillate to isolate. Or just crashing your distillate to isolate. Prices vary on what you are looking for and quantities you have! PM me for details. Always willing to set up a tour or virtual tour of our facility if you cannot make it to us here in Tacoma, WA! Thank you everybody!

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What’s your weekly capacity?

We have increased our capacity! We can take your crude to distillate or to isolate. You can also send us distillate to crash to isolate! Super competitive pricing based on your input materials quality and quantity. Send us a message and let’s talk about what your needs are. Space filling up fast so act now!

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Ive got a few hundred kgs of winterized crude thats been sitting from an older split we did back in 2020. Now that were completely Certified Organic, I’d prefer not to even mess around with running it through our machines, as some of it most likely has some grass seed pesticides (not from our farm).

Is this something you would be interested in converting to isolate? Whats the price per input kg of crude? Are you offering splits?

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Whats your minimum batch size? Could you take 10kg of distillate?

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Just messaged you!

Just messaged you LordanLabs!

can you post your tolling price or dm it to me? i would like to start with 10 and start scaling from there…looking for crude to winterized distillate or isolate tolling. looking for price on both i guess.

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Hey everyone! Been getting a lot of inquiries on this so thank you all. I have pricing worked out to $23 per input kg of crude to distillate. $25 per input kg distillate to isolate. All of our isolate tests above 99%! Just message me and I will send you multiple recent COAs. Happy friday!

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Those are some crazy low tolling costs. Very impressed and people should definitely take advantage of the deal. Wondering if you left any margins for yourself there!

Do you have any MOQ? What is your crude to distillate capacity on a daily basis? Does the client pay for COA’s after the tolling is complete? Or is that covered by you?

Happy Friday!


Hey thanks for the positive feedback!

MOQ is only 30kg for either crude going to distillate or distillate going to isolate. If you want your crude going all the way to isolate we need at least 50kg so we have enough distillate produced to get a good crash to iso!

We are a fully functioning lab making our own CBD that we sell and our equipment can handle large quantities. We can take on 1,000+ kg weekly of either crude being distilled or distillate being crystalized That is our open capacity now that we are running 24/7 as of this week!

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent and having quality products and customer service, so in person or virtual tours are always welcomed for our customers. We are family owned and operated and here to help anyone in need of our products and services.


Sorry I left out an answer to a question! Us paying for a COA would depend on the order size. We are trying to get an HPLC to test in house so hopefully that comes soon. There is plenty of margin for us as our operating costs are low since tolling is being allocated to available capacity outside our already money-making process. Just squeezing every dime out of our facility while offering competitive pricing to the industry!


Appreciate the insight friend, hope you find success!


Hey same to you! Thank you!


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FCE COA 03.24.22.pdf (267.8 KB)
Attached a COA to show we consistently produce 99%+ CBD isolate! Monday bump!