Offering Biomass toll contract. you receive 40% of the sale of cbd isolate

We are looking to do toll contracts for your biomass. We will process your biomass in to cbd isolate. We have a proven extraction method and have COA results of 100%. You will receive 50% of the gross sale of the cbd isolate processed from your biomass. Our contract consists of us processing your biomass in to CBD isolate and you will receive 40% of the sales of the isolate. We will maintain transparency with you. Our spread sheet will show how much of the biomass goes in to the wash, how much crude comes out of the wash, how much distillate, and isolate out of our second lab. Along with these sheets, you will receive a test result from each step as well. Our target price for a kilo of isolate is $7,000 if the order at least 10 kilos we sell at $6,500 a kilo. And if they order 100kilos, we sell for $6,000 a kilo.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to enter in to a contract. If interested, please email for details

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Please email me @ to discuss a Tolling contract, thanks!

We do tolling as well. Juts crude to distillate not isolate if your interested.