Not Volatile Lab Equipment for Sale

We are moving away from the distillation game and focusing on other aspects of our business. Hoping to sell as a set. Serious inquiries only please.
Summit research turnkey kit 5 L (shorpath older model )
20L Rotovap USA lab
10l rotovap across international
20l polyscience chiller -30
Beaker and wrench pressurized filter with compressor
USA lab -40c chiller 20l retail
USA lab jacketed reactor 20l

Location:Mount Shasta, CA

Price:$15,000 OBO

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Can you DM your contact info please? Thanks

Would you sell the -40 chiller separate?

On it

Hey, I’m going to attempt to sell it as a set first. If I’m unable to, I’ll start parting it out. Kindly send me a follow up DM at the end of the week if you don’t hear from me or see an updated post.

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Are you able to send pics of all equipment, if still available?

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Can’t seem to edit post: Rotovaps, Chillers and vacuums are sold.

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How much for the pressurized filter?