hi dear,
so I am looking to buy terps for carts in the taste of northernlight
I can t find any cannabis derived terps in this profile
what would a strain profile be of available terps that comes close to the taste of northernlight ?
need 2 gallons +
any sugestions welcome

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i don’t think you will find two gallons of any canna derived terps


explicitly ask @TrueTerpenes and @FloraplexTerpenes?!?

submit some legit Northern Lights for cannalysis?


In my past growing days. I ran '89 Cannabis Club NL#4 for the better part of 10-15 years straight. One of the best tasting strains still to this day.

Would love to get 2 gallons of terps from this.

This might be a strain that can be mimicked though because its super heavy Pinene Smell and Taste. Since most manufactured tasting strains taste heavy pinene then this could be an ideal candidate. Saying that. Ive not tasted one single terpene from @FloraplexTerpenes not @TrueTerpenes that really tasted like the flower /oil its supposed to mimic.


i ordered some og kush terp from floraplex and it has no weed flavor at all, do any of them?

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: hope you are kiding:rofl:

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he said cannabis derived. i think that means extracted from cannabis unless the pipette bois whipped up a new marketing term

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He said he couldn’t find “cannabis derived”. I tend to believe he wont


I asked cannabis derived but since that’s impossible @cyclopath solution makes sense :grinning:

With more time we could breed a Northernlite Hemp strain…:thinking:

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i can probably get my hands on a real cut of original NL…i might know some people that has this one as a mom that isnt getting let go anytime soon since they been running it since the 90s


im new man, what can i say lol…


2 gallons of cannabis terpenes is 7.6L or 7600 ml, that’s 6460 grams.

The economics and logistics on that are challenging.

I’m curious to see our biomass to terps now.

The all canna-terps we did on Northern lights made a bomb ass vape. We don’t have that SKU anymore, sadly.


but you could post a terpene profile?!?
(because: DATA!)

and if you haven’t posted it elsewhere, could you unpack that math for us?
(7.6liters ==> how much biomass?)

you know, so I can check the economics on that NortherLite breeding program.


I wasn’t checking terps back then on the GC. They were steam still and I was developing something else so my focus was elsewhere. We would send out the steam still terps every so often to make sure everything was ok. Let me see if we have a CW profile from those days. I’ll edit this if I do.

Nope. I don’t have one that I can say is assuredly Northern lights. Sadly, none of the fake mixes even resemble Cannabis terpenes. They’re a cop out so we can put cannabis strain names on a cannabis concentrate.

I feel like the terpene crocodile Dundee sometimes: Them: “hey man, this lemon haze is the most fire cart ever” me taking a small puff Me: lemon haze, that’s not lemon haze that’s a box of lemon heads,” THIS is lemon haze”.whips out an R&D pen Them:”oh yeah, that’s amazing how’d you do that,” Me: I used lemon haze, not lemons”.

Either way, cannabis terps just cost more and have distinctive, complex taste. Why does Napa wine cost more than 2 buck chuck? You can catch me in a year when the industry is done just making 2 buck chuck and putting a Napa label on because the average consumer doesn’t know the difference.


In my experience the best way to go is to submit the bud you want to replicate for terpene testing then get the terp isolates and mix it up yourself.

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I agree to Some extent i have been mixing terp cocktails fit Some years now
But never got iT in the spot
Nice but not perfect

all that really ever did for me was give me temporary terp depresssion. terps are nasty, and not fun to work with. you need things like phenols and alcohols

Terra terpenes

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Temporary terp depression?

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