Noob seeking help with redneck isomerization

Thc is not legal in my country but cbd isolate is not a problem, so I’d like to try and convert it. I know this topic has been covered lots of times, but it’s still not clear enough for me. I’m willing to pay for consultation if it’s reasonably priced but keep in mind I will be doing this on a small scale for personal use. If interested, PM please.

I would be happy with delta 8, 9 or a mixture of both. What’s more important is that I can achieve it with as little equipment as possible. I just don’t have a valid excuse for having a lab at home.

I was thinking something like melting isolate in a borosilicate beaker, add bleaching clay, add iso, filter and evaporate. I don’t care if yield is only 50%, that would mean I get my delta 8/9 at 7€ which is still way better than buying on darknet markets (which is the only option I have right now).

Obviously I don’t have a hotplate, Buchner funnel or an SPD. I do have a sous vide, maybe that might work to evaporate the iso?

Also, I said iso because I can’t get heptane etoh in these regions. It’s either mixed by the ’German method’ which contains methyl ethyl keton and denatonium benzoate (which I think will add smell or taste to the final product) or extremely expensive reagent grade (50€/liter).

Can someone tell me if it’s even possible before I take a paid offer?

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It’s possible. How were you planning on melting and reacting the CBD? In your oven?

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I have an electric cooktop that I can take outside. I was planning on doing it that way since the melting point of cbd is not that high. But the oven is also a possibility of course.

Am I risking my health by not distilling it?

there are unknown degradation products that may form as a result of isomerization


That sounds nasty. Products that wouldn’t be there if I distilled it? Or will they always be there using this method?

Distilling is a good purification step to take, I can try to replicate your technique and have it sent in for NMR tests if you’d like, I’m curious about this.


That would be really great. Can you PM me the cost of this? Maybe worth mentioning, 100% sulphuric acid is easy to buy here. Would that result in less by-products?

Then isopropyl will leavE deep dark reds in the final product.

I suggest getting literal grain alcohol 190 proof everclear will be your best bet & cheapest. Or get pentane from a solvent supplier online.
As for the mixture for d8d9 I can consult dm me if you’d be interested in pricing

Come on man D8 is old news and not worth selling an sop to someone clearly trying to medicate in a budget.


Yeah man, d8 is so 1940’s :joy:

adams1940 iso.pdf (427.6 KB)


Based on the paper that David just posted, it is safe to assume that your extract will contain chlorine until it has been distilled.

Please do not vape or consume chlorine.

Also David did you possibly just figure out this vape cart shit? Are people accidentally vaping chlorine because of acidic distillate being heated repeatedly and isomerizing chlorine?


May be old new but proper tek isn’t

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could chlorine cause the results mayo clinic has seen re: vaping related injury

edit: looks like it’s possible, but im not a dr and am not gonna play one online


So nmw everyone should be adjusting their pH and degumming using the citric acid tek?

If there was leftover elemental chlorine, it would be removed under vaccuum during final distillation and end up in your vacuum pump oil (delicious).

Though if someone was trying to do an isomerization with hydrochloric acid, then 9-chlorohexahydrocannabinol will be produced as a byproduct, especially if the person fucks up their stoichiometry or is careless with their protocols and doesn’t do proper workup.

Cl-HHC can easily be converted to d9-THC with a base catalyzed elimination rxn. That should be the only reason someone would choose to use this reagent.

I haven’t looked into the pharmacology or toxicology of this substance but it’s not something I would personally volunteer to bioassay.


Check the ph of your oil before you heat it every time.

Paper is cheap

I’m pretty sure the Adam’s paper you posted above talks about chlorinated d9 and they said it doesnt remain intact when you do a d8 to d9 conversion using HCL and NaH

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I decided to get some equipment after all because I’m very intrigued by this isomerization thing and I want a safe end product. I like to get high, but I don’t want do die. I found someone who’s willing to teach me the Delta 8 conversion for $300 and to quote him:

“For the delta 8 conversion you would only need T41 bleaching clay, small short path distillation system, filtering apparatus (like small bucnner) ,celite 545 (food grade diatomaceous earth can be used) for filter media and some solvent like heptane denatured ethanol.”

For the Buchner funnel I decided on this and this. I would like some advice on rest of the equipment though as in the future I’d like to experiment with Delta 9 too and might as well buy the needed stuff now. I’m looking to get a heating device, reflux condenser and a simple distillation apparatus, but there are quite some options. Some questions that arise are:

  • What reflux condenser should I get, a Graham condenser or a Liebig condenser? Is 200-250mm big enough?
  • Should I get a hot plate / magnetic stirrer combination like this or rather a heating mantle like this?
  • Should the distillation apparatus be open (like a condenser with a beaker under it) or closed? Is the only difference reclaiming solvents or not, or do I need vacuum to avoid oxydation and degradation for example.
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you literally just reflux your cbd with some acid activated AC and then distill it. there, saved you $300

actually if you wanna be even cheaper just reflux it and then filter, remove solvent.


bums out here learn 1 piece of chemistry and then try slanging it…