Non reactive slabs/pyrex


Hey there everybody, just a quick question. Im doing some live resin runs these past few days and I noticed something with my run from yesterday I’ve never seen. I put it into pyrex and then popped it in the oven at 85F and began to pull a vac to -20 or -25. As usual it muffined up and then dropped and was bubbling, and then i came into the Lab today and noticed there there are no bubbles, or anything throughout the product. It is still at full vac and same temp, literally just looks like a a piece of stained glass.

The only factor that is different from that run is that during the pour i got a single drop of water in the product but nothing substantial. Any advice or direction would be awesome.


Hmm a single drop of water? Got any pics?

What temp is it at in the oven? Is this a new strain? How was it extracted? Also whats the texture? You mentioned stained glass but is it hard like glass?


A doubt it its probably sap. Might be more terpy than usual. I have had droplets of water happen without any issues


Right or cbd strain


Was about to edit and add that.


I used to single solvent dewax to the max way back in the open blast days.

All my thc would crash into my fats and my solution would literally be a sappy terp fraction.


Sorry for the late reply guys, i have just been super busy. So it was extracted with a 70/30 blend at extremely cold temps, did not soak just did a single pass run.
We pulled it with about 2oz of solvent left and also had to scrape some so there was some agitation which i assumed would sugar or budder up.
It has been in the oven for a few days now at 80F at -29hg
It is super clear considering it wasn’t a full dewax. Its a house mix of a few different strains so that might be hard to pin point.

the other dishes are the same material ran but they are reacting quite differently


single pyrex pour? the terp to thca ratio is high, as more leave it will start to show crystallization


so youre saying that my terp content is higher than my thca so it won’t crash? or it will just take longer? the clarity is amazing and right now the consistency is very sappy. just don’t want it to go to waste


just to be clear the bottom two photos are the same dish at different angles. the top two dishes are runs of the same mix and everything but they started reacting a lot more. Could it be possible that on the non reactive run i got my column colder and then it pulled more fats and lipids which gave this clarity and consistency? or am i barking up the wrong tree?