Non Decarbed crude causing high pressure?

So I’ve run into a big problem today. Yesterday I did a run on the short path. All went well. Today I went for another run…and for the life of me I can’t get the vacuum down at all. I’ve greased, re greased and re re greased joints. When I pull a vac with low heat I get it down to 10100 micron, which is wayyy High already. When I apply heat it steady begins to jack up to 24600 micron eventually. Wayyyyyy wrong. I can’t find any leaks, and it seems it just goes up with heat in the boiling flask. The only difference I can think of is this crude was not decarbed. Can the decarbing cause such high pressures? Should I continue to jack the heat to blast thru the decarb and hopefully start knocking off some volatiles, or so I have a much more serious problem here? I can’t find the leak, if there is one and since I already have oil in the flask that off gasses I can’t get a base line vacuum reading. Any suggestions besides the obvious, I have a leak? I’m still new so learning the correlation of everything is new to me. I’m assuming since heating up the flask causes the shooting up of microns, maybe the decarb is just violently off gassing?

Sounds like you missed a huge step; decarb and terp strip to 120 c (could go to 140 under vac) on a hot plate slowly but dont dwell if no rxn is happening.

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Usually my material is decarbed. Advice on moving forward? Do I have to dump my bf and decarb it or can I do it in the short path since I’m here already

Typically thats a poor use of a short path but if you have all day then do it in there. Id pour it out into a steel pot on a high quality hotplate and be done in 30 min to an hour

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I’ve tried to isolate my vacuum and gauge and it seems I’m having a vacuum problem even after removing the short path. Wtf :confused: I guess it’s not the system

You should definitely decarb though

Just wanted to confirm the decarb issue first. But seems I have a bigger problem

Def jumped the gun in this question. I just fully isolated the pump to the gauge and it’s only pulling down to 10500 microns. Man. How lame. Running a Welch duoseal 1400. Changed the oil yesterday :confused: best trouble shooting advice for the pump now?? :frowning:

Running with this Guage. Not the best but it hasn’t given me an issue yet

I now believe my vacuum guage is shot. Pump has clean oil and it’s pulling vac. Guage isn’t showing anything at all now. What a fuckin roadblock to drop in my day :frowning:

It’s really not necessary to decarb on a hot plate, you just need to be able to switch flasks multiple times. It can save you a bit of time, but, taking it out of the flask to decarb is a big waste of time imo. I do all of my decarb and volatile stripping in a shortpath.

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At this point I have to blame this vacuum gauge. Everything worked fine yesterday. Today just isn’t my day I guess. I wish I had another Gauge to make sure my pump is pulling, but it sounds like it’s running fine, it has clean oil and ran fine yesterday. This things barely been used. The ONLY thing that happened today is a tripped the fuse on the power strip while it was running? But when I hold my hand over the hose hole it pulls hard and whatnot. So I assume the pump wouldn’t randomly be running and low strength. The guage keeps saying it’s calibrated, then needs calibration. So that’s my culprit for now :frowning: what a day wasted

That gauge has horrible reviews online buddy you need a real gauge

I’m aware of this…sometimes I have to work within a budget and make the best of it. Doing the best with what I got :slight_smile: looking at a bullseye right now, just trying to figure out how to plumb it into my system. The shitty gauge I have came with a female flair fitting that I connected to the gauge, then to a tube by my pump. Just want to make sure I order everything I need to the bullseye to avoid further delay

There’s plenty of other options like a used yellow jacket thats just as precise as a bullseye for 100-150 on ebay


I will look into those as well. By all means I know what I’m lacking in equipment, but like a lot of people sometimes i just have to make the best of it. By chance if you have a moment might you be able to link or suggest a particular yellow jacket/other gauge? This shitty one is 133$ as it is lol

Just ebayed yellow jacket gauges. They are definitely in the range considering that shitty one was almost $150. If someone can direct me to a good model, or a particular auction for a used one that they would grab themselves. I’m not too versed in gauges and need to get up and running again asap

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Do a search on here for vacuum gauges I posted the model number to the one you need in a thread about gauges can’t remember off the top of my head. Uses the same agilent sensor as the bullseye

Hey man, found your post. Just wondering if you ever tried one of the two yellow jackets you posted about. I was thinking about the 69075. Thoughts?
Here’s the post

No I haven’t used it but I did enough research to find out they use the same sensors. The agilent type 531 I believe thermocouple

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