No wax’s during dewax


So I’m running a 6x36 material column sleeved with dry ice/ethanol into another 6x48 sleeved column with dry ice/ethanol. Stalled In dewax column for 2 hours. My filter plates didn’t pick up much of anything. I’m trying to figure out where I’m going wrong before I proceed any further.


How fine are those filters?

Did u blast cold AF?


10micron and 20 micron I got them from @bizzybeestbuilder. I assume it’s cold my IR temp guage Maxs out at -70.


U blast that cold too? You may not be picking any up to begin with

Normally u stage all way down to about 5um I been told


Yeah my tank is on dry ice and I let my material sit in the spool with dry ice and ethanol for a bit before I saturate the material. Under my material column I have a 25 micron and a 1-2 micron paper filters in a filter stack. I use a open source steel Rainer that I’ve modified for nitrogen assist to push everything around.


Yeah u probably don’t need 2stage unless ur having problems picking up fats wax, but normally w n2 push dry ice tank and jacket spool, ur not gonna…
big large wide systems w x spools I could imagine might pick up lil still and need 2nd stage
But just my opinion


Yeah I thought that might be the case but was expecting a nice cake of wax on my filter so was quite disappointed after waiting 2 hours and not seeing anything on my filter plates.


Run warm tane, grab EVERYTHING,drop temp at dewax. but be careful, next you’ll run until clogging up those filters


I’m running fresh frozen right now so I’ll probably just try again when I run some cured material. Thanks for the help


Winterize and see what you pull


You done good. Congrats.

as @Dabbedone suggests, winterizing with ethanol will confirm that you left the waxes in the material where they belong.