Nitrogen vapors assist


Hey guys and gals… First thank you all for all the help you have gotten me so far!

Is this regulator gonna be adequate for me to use… Thanks all

Victor Technologies 0781-9134 TPR-250-200-580-CS Light Duty Purging Cylinder Nitrogen/Argon/Helium Regulator, 10-250 psig Delivery Pressure Range, 200 psig Outlet Pressure


yes thats fine, i like harris better though.


looks good, it would certinaly work.
check out this


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I got this one


Is there any advantage to pushing with N2 over having a second solvent tank, that is at ambient temp, to pressurize the the cryo solvent out of the primary tank and into the column?


Yea, when you run cryo, you can’t push with solvent because the solvent will phase change into liquid. And eventually it will warm up to gas but then you just got your run dirty with warm solvent. I push my butane with propane but only when I extract warm.


Got it. I thought I had seen people doing that before on another forum but it must have been for another reason…and not very cold.


I actually have successfully pushed w a 2nd tank at +20psi…the main tank set in cryo fluid…it definitely moved…

BUT. … Im trying to get as close to dewaxed as I can without adding 2nd stage dewax or 2nd solvent winterization…

So in that case nitro the best as it will not heat up the solvent any …and loading back the bump tank every time was beginning to get time consuming…

W nitro though you better pressure test your system often! It’ll find or make a leak!


I want to push for the same reason, I don’t dewax or winterize and want the highest quality meds I can get. Cold solvent seems to do the trick for what I’m after. I can probably get into nitrogen cheaper than a second solvent tank…I’ve got oxygen and argon regulators on hand. that choice was easy lol


Yo bubba!!! Thanks again!!!

That’s killer deal I got thanks to you…so I just add a jic nipple and it’s ready?

Even got some mint m&ms with it as an extra!!! Score…