Nitrogen vapors assist***update need HELP***


You seem to have it setup Correctly but YOur Regulator looks like its setup with an additional valve on your outlet…If you take a look at some of the regulators posted above theres only a Main valve (blue-housing) under the 2 guages(pressure/flow)…
For example where you have the green circle you can eliminate that whole assemble coming off the blue housing an thats where you would put your MJIC Fitting in. YOur pressure Relief valve is in the correct spot at the Red/green X’s…
I have a feeling that secondary valve is causing your prv to go crazy…you can Eliminate that secondary valve or open it all the way before you open your tank.
Let us know how that works…

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I’m gonna check that out, makes sense now that I notice I have extra knob

So the center knob is my flow knob?..

Remove this extra knob and put jic there?

Thanks So much for helping!



YEs Correct the Center knob is your Flow output knob. Remove that secondary valve and put your jic fitting in that. Im sure itll work…

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Thanks so much again!



Ok so question, if I opened the second valve, left prv in place, then this should test that right? Bc I can’t turn that valve off bc hits the gauge.

If so, I decreased the big knob all way down, opened the lil knob, and I tried that, and it did the same thing …next is putting a plug in that spot where I put a prv and I’m gonna put a T fitting where I have the jic, then the prv and jic together on outlet side…?

This one got me stumped…

That spot where the prv is at is like it’s taking the whole psi of the tank or something…it is directly benefit the tank hook up ?



have you taken that thing down to your local welding supply and asked whats up with the reg?
they could probably trouble shoot it, tell them its for homebrew beer.



I put plug in the extra spot I believe it’ll work fine…I have El cheapo brass for mean time

But I’ll def make sure , after looking at the layout this new one it definitely just needs a plug in that spot…idk what they was using it for originally

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It could have had a pressure guage in the spot?

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Just did my first run with nitrogen assist. Worked great to run through a 6x50 material, 8x50 dewax and CRC.

I had an issue with two 8" clamps on the bottom of my dewax filter plate though, at above 5 psi they began leaking, 20 psi spraying. I’m using buna-n gaskets and standard 8" high pressure clamps.

Has anyone experienced this with buna-n gaskets from BVV? They were seated properly - the only two things I could think of is the CRC column (6x8) hanging from the bottom of dewax, or temperature freezing the gasket (dewax chilled with dry ice and acetone)

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How did the clamps fit when the nuts where loose. Do you have pictures??

Does it happen near the nuts or in the dead middle of the clamp

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My collection / shatter platter leaked untill i replaced it with viton, buna didnt like the cold, it would stop leaking once i started warming it back up,
Seems the buna was also more tempermental about overtightening and would pinch between the clamps and leak there also



When it was happening it appeared to be by the nuts, but once reaching about 12+ psi it looked like the entire gasket began to fail. The clamps fit normally when nuts were loose, and when taken apart the gasket appears to be seated properly all the way around.

This is my first time using bunan gaskets and it looks like the bottom ridge is very shallow compared to the top and there is also an extra edge going around the outside??

Both gaskets were mounted with the outside edge facing up - shallow side down, could this be my fuck up / is there a top and bottom to these?

I’m hardcore wtfing the “bottom” triangle ridge of these gaskets, and wish I noticed this before placing them on, I would never expect this to seal properly

@Cryo13 Thanks man I suspect that is what is happening here. They were stiff when I took them off and with the weird design of this could see over tightening causing issues

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Did you try tightening them when they were leaking and did that make it worse?



I didn’t

I usually tighten them until they are screaming for help so just left it since i’ve never seen something leak that bad and didn’t want to make worse

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Never know. I’ve gotten full vac before and found out I only finger tightened something.



Mine was actually flanged too, only diffence was it was on collection, i could see bubbles when i put it into recovery water, the bubbles contained extracted oil that floated on the water, those flanges seem to catch on the clamps so i found backing off could fix the problem more than tightening, sometimes neither worked and it leaked untill it got warmer…

Viton fixed it havent had a leak since, and no flange, the part thats around the edge, its nice for alignment though…

Buna also didnt like iso propyl they would break easy when cleaning, thanks to @Killa12345 i learned viton is better

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Stay away from BVV honestly… sorry.



Yeah @Killa12345 so much better anyways

Better quality better prices better parts…



i really cant get over how cool some of your guys extractors look. Espeically how everyone is getting super creative with the wall mounting.

Ive never seen those buna gaskets with the lip. Thats nuts. I only use viton these day. I have an envelope gaskets on my solvent tanks but those haven’t been open in about a year…LOL

The reason i like Viton is…its super cheap…plays well with cleaning chemicals. I does get super hard with super low temps…but ive never broke one and when they shrink too much…its usually a sign to replace.

These things i usually dont charge more than $10 for even the biggest gaskets so its a replaceable part at those costs…every 3-6 months…i just replace the ones that look beat. I do have a spare set for all my rigs…after i use one…i set it aside and clean and replace with the spare set and alternate each run.



I noticed my nuts need a lil tightening sometimes after rigs been vacuumed