Nitrogen assist

I need help figuring out the whole nitrogen assist technique. I am running a crc filter and help figuring out how to assist my machine with nitrogen to get the flow faster through the filtering medias. Can anyone help me with this technique?

think of the nitrogen as your plunger and you’re using it to push down on the top of your solute and push it through your media and into your collection vessel. burp it off before you recover your solvent.

*edit - add a picture of your rig for some proper help.

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Ok I will have to take pictures tomorrow, how does one burp the nitrogen out without loosing solvent ?

have your collection pot at -1c or below to encourage butane to stay a liquid

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Aww ok I definitely can’t do that right now, I have mounted jacketed system that the is hooked up to a heater not a chiller/heater so I dont believe I’ll be able to do the nitrogen assist properly.

Nitro in the vapor port, solvent at -70 out the dip tube


So if I am able to get my collection base to -1 or colder I will be able to force nitrogen out without loosing solvent? And you just feed the nitrogen in at the solvent tank or from the material column?

Yes, at a cold temp, where the solvent is liquid, burp the tank. I leave minor positive pressure, when at -70 to keep atmosphere out.

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you can just watch the burp port for the fine fine butane lines and stop when you see them

(use proper ventilation, this is bad practice)

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Ok so I’m understanding that I have to get my collection base to -1 through -80 and then use the pressure relief valve on collection chamber to bleed nitrogen correct?

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And I load the nitrogen directly into the solvent tank before pushing solvent through the system?

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How cold do you keep your tank?

Which tank?

For reference, I put my solvent tank in the chest freezer to get it to a lower temp, -10, in an insulated bucket, full of acetone About 24 hours for good measure. Then I add dry ice to bring it down to -70. You will use less dry ice this way.

The nitro pressurizes the headspace of your solvent tank. At -70 the solvent is under vacuum and cannot create it’s own pressure to move.

Ok makes sense

I don’t really like to call people out on here but that setup is not safe and you shouldn’t be recommending it to other people. You should never store your solvent tank in a freezer just on the chance it leaks the gas has nowhere to escape. Also those ball valves aren’t rated for temps that cold so you are almost certainly leaking a little on them. And you said it’s sitting in an open bucket of acetone? You can achieve the same results with just the bucket of acetone outside the freezer

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How do you cool your solvent? I use a freezer. I maintain my ball valves. They stay tight. They dont leak. I monitor this by checking it, and knowing my equipment. If the valve cant take -10 in a freezer what the fuck am I doing with -70 solvent at 50 PSI?

When initially cooling room temp solvent you will use more dry ice in your acetone when compared to taking solvent that is -10 and going to -70. I hve a lean budget…cause it’s all for me.

The tank, is in a HDPE bucket, with dry ice, wrapped in insulation. The bucket is open topped.

I didnt suggest storage of solvent in a freezer. I suggested cooling it in a freezer. If your going to be doing such things…you would be foolish to do so without precautions…like having a leaking valve.

So the solvent lives in a freezer for 24 hours. I feel that’s safe. Could I spill acetone in the freezer, sure. Could the freezer spark and ignite the acetone, sure. Could I get hit by a car tomorrow? Yes. These are all risks we take when dealing with explosive thing. I mitigate risk as I go along and note potential dangers as I go.

I should have prefaced this…I’m a moonshiner. I operate for meds, and I haven’t met another person making BHO face to face since I was open blasting on the banks of the eel river in 2003(I’m not in CA anymore). I dont have much reverence for what I’m doing, it’s the best I’ve figured out, and now with the help of this forum I’m using nitrogen. Outside of that…I’m an abrasive asshole who cuts metal for a living. What’s your excuse?