Nitro-pushing/assisting freezing liquid through a jacket?

I’ve been thinking about getting a jacketed column. I want to know if using nitrogen to push freezing Acetone or Isopropyl thru a jacket is a good idea.

I was thinking about making a tank specifically for freezing Acetone or Isopropyl to be pushed thru a jacket and the recirculated back into the tank.

How would you push with n2 and then recover back into the same tank while it’s under pressure from n2


That’s where I hit a roadblock

Sounds like a pump would work better…


Get a open sleeve and put a hose at the bottom of it and pump it in and out? From briefly reading never testing myself it seems basic eco plus’ pumps can handle alcohol slurries so one to pump in one out. Just chill in a bucket preemptively? Wouldn’t need the nitro either.

Oh shit I think I got it!!! Have two tanks and a manifold with a vent for the nitrogen. Start the push and then once it starts flowing on the out side of the jacket into the second tank cut the nitrogen to the first tank and then start pushing only from the second tank back into the first

Pump sounds easier bro

Ik I was just thinking.

All eco plus or just the basic ones.

Also if you had a 5l jacket and had 10l of solvent in a tank you could push nitro thru the gas port and let the solvent thru the liquid port/diptube and you could get the appropriate amount of chilled solvent in the jacket without the nitro/pressure making its way.

You’ll need an obscene amount of n2 for that. My current cls involves moving solvent between tanks from recovery to injection and it fly’s through n2.

Your best bet is to buy a pump rated for -80c and something that can handle whatever solvent you’re using


I tried the ecoplus route. I wish you luck. That’s why I moved up to the sleeved dephlegmator

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I’ve been wondering if I could make a thermo pump work to recirc my solvent from the collection chamber back to the material column.

Release the nitro before you recover like when running passive?

You realize you’d be throttling n2 and releasing n2 all day long

Yes, i can Crack my valve for 2 seconds and have 50 psi in my solvent tank… don’t need nitro to push thru a whole system, no resistance no filters medias in the way…

Edit come to think of it get a 50lb carbon steel tank, fill it with iso, pump 50 psi head pressure and there ya go. 40 lbs of pressurized isporpyol ready to fill several columns off the same charge, if carbon steel is rated for alcohol :slight_smile:

But where does that fluid return to if the tank is under pressure from the push? You’d need a push and receiving tank to move back and forth all day. And a hell of a lot of n2


The original container or a couple dollar alcohol compatible container. Dump cap, wait till you finish the load refill and pump a whole nother couple pennies worth of nitro. Have you back filled a tank before? I can put half a lb of nitro and get a pressurizd tank… you don’t need a large volume of nitro to build pressure. Set your regulator to 50 open it for a quarter second use not even half a lb of nitro and whala.

Its alcohol not a volatile gas.

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I’m not worried about the volatility of that. That’s just incredibly labor intensive in a lab environment where you are running hydrocarbons and need your focus… your idea will absolutely work, it just doesn’t seem to practical.

You don’t need to be condescending.

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I thought that at first too. I was just like why don’t you pump it… but after a lil thought its exactly what we do running passive without the nuances of a closed system or volatile gases. It’ll be nothing more than a in and out line. Just as it would with pumps except its inline in stainless which will be better for heat transfer and such