Newbie looking to start extracting

Hi everyone! greetings from Western Canada.

I’ve been growing for a while now and extraction has caught my attention. I would like to produce shatter, dabs and vape oils to start. I would like to process 5-10 lbs of material at a time.

So far my research is narrowing towards a active closed loop system running butane. I’m still a complete newbie so I don’t really know what to look for in a system. I know I’ll need the CLE, pumps, vacuum oven, and a chiller and heater, I’ve been looking on Alibaba… but not sure if that’s wise - I’ve been quoted around $10k USD for a turnkey system… I’m looking to invest around $10-15k CAD, does anyone have a recommendation?

Having no background in chemistry or anything extraction related, I’ve been searching for a course to learn about the equipment and process. I can’t seem to find any good resources, I’ve watched a bunch of Youtube vids from WKU consulting. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good course?

I plan on building a small lab out of a shipping container with c1d1 in consideration…

For the Canadians here, where do you get your butane/propane mix solvent?

How much extracts do you guys usually get from a pound of bud on average?

any advice would be much appreciated!


Don’t buy anything from alibaba. Hit up @Killa12345 and he can get you started with a good safe affordable set up that will get your feet wet without breaking the bank and worrying about the alibaba random quality


Thanks for the Recommendation! I understand that we’re dealing with stuff that can blow you up


Welcome to the future @headhunterz! I’ll second @Killa12345. Check his stuff out at

If you don’t see what you need, just ask and he can put together whatever you need.


No problem, good dude who cares and knows how to run what he’s selling so that invaluable if you don’t have any experience.

How much reading and research have you done??

A suggestion might be to get on You Tube and watch some hours of videos and then spend a few days reading threads on here… then go back to You Tube and watch a few more hours of videos

another option might be to solicit the services of the many consultants that inhabit this forum

then again trial and error works… if you can survive the explosion and subsequent fire

Don’t listen to WKU, that guy is dangerously stupid.


Erase everything you have watched from your brain.


Good to know!

I can help you set up an efficient CLS along with Tek on how to make those consistencies. Don’t go with the “stick on a pot style” you’ll want something more user friendly like a mounted system will a ball valve as the pour spout


Your yield depends on your starting material. Think of it more like this:

A well planned hydrocarbon extraction, where you know the cannabinoid level of your flower and gauge volume of solvent accordingly and performed under the right conditions, will pull 98% of your actives from the biomass.