Newbie looking for guidance

Good evening, and thanks for taking the time to stop by. I recently purchased a 90g Dewaxing column with the “pro” upgrades from BVV. We have a vac pump, vac chamber and a 20(16)# butane tank. We have been testing with some gifted trim the past 2 days and I feel like I am missing something. I am working with a buddy who has been open blasting with cans and a homemade tube for years, and this setup is new to him. We are not freezing the butane or material, this was some material donated for the purposes of testing and getting used to the system.

My questions right now are, what is the proper way to introduce the butane? How much psi should the column reach? Should I let the butane flow through, or let it soak? If soaking, how long? We have been getting a consistent color with each blast, however, I feel like there is a lot of air/pressure blessing out of the column after the liquid stops flowing.

Any and all tips are greatly appreciated.

Watch the BVV video

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If theres alot of air/ pressure blowing out its probably because your solvent/column aren’t cold


If you go through similar but may e more expensive versions of what you have, BVV has a video explaining the whole process. Pull a vacuum, let the material freeze before introducing the butane, etc.


Thank you and goodnight!

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Thanks for the info. I had a suspicion it was mostly due to the fact that we are not freezing anything. We will get the deep freeze going and grab some dry ice for next run I think.


Biggest thing I learned using these is don’t FREAKING do inside! Don’t reduce ur pan inside! Don’t do anything INSIDE. I witnessed a fireball before attending someone do this!

Be safe not stupid!