Newb with a diamond question

Been following the only the strong tek. However, during my seeding stage I had an emergency to take care of which left me away for a couple days. When I had returned, my di had melted and ALOT of my 30/70 blend had evaporated. My question is can I add more liquid solvent to my jars, redissolve and start again? I’ve tried to find this answer with no avail. I can’t think of a reason as to why not to do this but if anyone could guide me as to why or why not to that’d be great.
Thanks all!


Yes you can. But also curious how you solvent evaporated. Were you not using a sealed diamond miner ?

Was during the cryo stage where you leave the top loose. Had the cryo in a cooler which was in a bigger cooler (best I can do at the moment)

I had the exact same happen. Just sealed up my jar and diamonds started growing the next day. One of my other jars didn’t so i did redissolve and they still came out great


How did you go about adding liquid solvent straight into the jar? Im thinking I can just go direct with a hose from my tank to collection chamber and then just pour in the existing jars. Again please correct me if I’m wrong and thanks for the help :+1:

I poured jar off into collection added more solvent till it was fully mixed then poured back off into jar


Relative noob here, but THCA is THCA. I don’t see any reason why redissolving would cause any harm other than extra time. Depends on the conditions, pressure and solvent you’re using I suppose

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yup just added it back to the collection pot and start over.