New upcoming spd here


Back at it


Fixed it ^ haha


Wheres the beer emoji?

Loli hope this goes well. Ill invest in a better head if i need to after this, as well as proper thermowells. Have 20lbs biomass to run next.

Dayum u cryo, i was gonna take a pic of a Miller lite. Lok


Honestly for this system i think full bore would be the best update, not sure if it can be done with this head or not, is it even necessary?
Ive been pretty happy with my results and overall run time really for now and the amount i need to process.
20lbs of biomass you say? All for distillate?



Etoh cryo wash
Purge and decarb



Got my dab rig. Make it more of a show tonight bro. We want the details. Failures are a way for others to learn. You seen my fuck up


Yeah wheres the photos and miller light bottles we wanna be along for the ride :rofl:


Getting there. Almost done with the terp drips

Sv 180
Pv 180
Hv 64
Vac 182
Stir 1400

Exciting and super boringat the same time


Ooh getting close to the fun part!


Yeah, been at 180 for 30 mins waiting for terp fraction to stip dripping totally


If you keep increasing your heat it will push the heads out faster as it gets into mains, maybe im wrong but i didnt hold at a set temp until 200
5 degree increments once above 170c
Maybe im doing it wrong if so someone correct me please


I bumped it up to 185c.


Just trying to push out the Terps slowly, then ramp it up a bit


just for reference, mine dripped clear in the cold trap until tails, not sure if that means its good to hold at 180 or to keep going like ive done,
It seems the boiling is a built in safty feature
which doesnt let it go hotter than the fraction its in due to cooling evaporation? …
i do know residance time can cause issue so the less time it spend in the bf total the better.



I believe i still have terps to fraction out. I went up to 190



Look at you go!! :beers:


Shes a flowing. I may have swapped flasks about 30 seconds early.


looks awesome bro…great work homie! knew u had this.


You guys helped me quite a bit!
I have a new hair dryer on standby. I haveba heat gun, but dont want to melt anything