New upcoming spd here


Awe you lucky dawg, we tried to get them to change us to that new black mantle but they wouldnt cuz ours already shipped


Is there a new mantle burn-in thread somewhere around here? Maybe I’m not using the correct key words in the search, but these stories of overshooting mantles of the variety I just paid $600 for are giving me a ton of anxiety about even starting to mess with this mantle…


Me? I have a new black base, blue was the 1st gen model.

Seems to be working great.

About 20 mins from starting.


You are just training the PID logic to your thermo probe. Start a new mantle without using any fiberglass rope. Only increase 10C at a time, go real slow the first couple times.


Thanks for that. I’ll give it a shot this weekend. Mantle empty or loaded with a RBF full of water?


Ok here we go.

Cold traps full of dry ice, dry ice under recieving flask under cold trap. Hitting a nice 160 micron. Sv 78c
Pv 78c
1400 spin bar speed.
Heater/chiller set to 35c


Water works. I wouldn’t do a dry run.


Yes you @Demontrich , i wanted the new black one but the realesed it on their site literally the day my order shipped
Glad you are finally doing this!


Its a nice unit. 400 out of pocket, but gave them back the 2l craptastic one also.

118 microns
China glass. The weak points i found so far are the temp probe adapters. The gaskets are worth squat!

Once you get done baging your head over the simple things and get running properly, its not too bad.


I had the same issues with my probe adaptors, really the only worrysome leaks i had.

Seems like your off to a great start at 118


This is where my shitty spots where. Thought you all would have learned from me. Jk!

We need thermowells for our short paths.

It’s definitely the weak spot in these designs.

I’d lose the rope till the action really starts to happen.


Yep thermowells are my next update, i had good luck the first round and unfortunately
Its progressively gotten way worse, I was at like 2k microns when i hit 190 it was not cool, luckily a little wiggle and twist fixed it, didnt help that it was also cross threaded :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My shits from bvv where all cross threaded too. I think it’s easy to over tighten since it’s cheap plastic on glass. The whole fucking design sucks

And good luck @Demontrich. I think your gonna be fine bro. You have watched us all get this done. Your gonna be fine brother!! Good luck. Look forward to seeing a dragon ball of fire!


Im taking notes as well. And getting some phone support from Pofh.

Im super happy with the microns.
Sv 115c
Pv 115c
Hv 60.2c
Vac 124
Condenser 60c
Stir 1400


@Demontrich So brother hows it going. Its been 4 hours now any updates yet?:clap:


Yeah on pins and needles here


Shut it down about midnight. Was exhausted. Ill fire her back up this evening.


So how did it go?? 5 hours. What did you accomplish? You can’t leave us all hanging like that @Demontrich! Come on.


I chased a vac leak at the temp probe, which took away 2hrs

Last numbers were
Sv 140
Pv 145
Hv 61.4
Vac 164
Cond 60
Stir 1400


Looks like you had a leak, but once you fix it that numbers in the 100s seems reasonable for heads just once you switch to main it should get deeper and deeper,