New upcoming spd here


I’ve had nothing but trouble finding appropriate gaskets for the 14/20 joint. I purchased a 24/40 thermometer adapter from BVV which had an orange puncture gasket which AFAIK works great. I purchased a 14/20 joint and instead of the same gasket it had a 0 ring that was like half a centimeter in diameter…


Good luck today brother. I will check out your progress when I get off work :+1:


Ill head to there today and grab a ptfe 14/20 adapter. I may grab a 24/40 ptfe adapter for the bf temp probe also. The one that came with the kit works w/o leaks, but might as well since im there


You’re fortunate to live near local distrubutors! Kinda jealous


Getting there!

Down to 391 and creeping down 1 micron every min or so
New head temp ptfe adapter. Took out the Y vac bleed valve.

Ill redo the cow to head joint (use distillate for grease), and 3x cow reciever flasks with distillate for grease and retest in a bit


Hopefully run Thursday!


This Thursday??? Or just a Thursday in general. Just busting your chops bro.


Does your Thursday fall on the 12th of never??


You should do your run tomorrow! Im doing my second run tomorrow we could sync our temps and time and race to finish
hahaha joking…


It’s hard to tell from the pic, but how’s the gap between your flask and mantle? I set mine in the mantle today (possibly going to be able to try a dry run tomorrow) and the gap looks a bit large… Here’s a pic below for reference.


is that the lanphan mantle?


Supposedly Lab1st, but it looks identical to the Lanphan mantle.


ya lab1st is all resold lanphan/touchscience. how much did you pay for yours? mine from lanphan was 250 shipped


I paid $600 after shipping, but I happened to get the funding to start ordering equipment the day before CNY. So I ended up having to order everything domestic so I didn’t have to wait till mid-March to start cranking out product. Just read a thread about a Lanphan mantle that looks like a lemon with very little support from them, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that’s not the case with mine. Reading up on pre-baking them before use now.


Good luck. I’m not having any.


yeah that would suck - one thing thats good is having the manager able to reply instantly and offer support via wechat.

i’m sure if you ordered right before CNY you would have been good -i ordered a 5L roto and chiller from them on the 5th (literally days before cny was due to start) and they already shipped it out and it’s due to arrive on the 22nd. They work quick and their technicians will prepare orders for immediate shipment/manufacturing during holiday hours.


Holy fuck…:expressionless:


Fuck that Terry is useless. I’m literally thinking about making a thread with pics of our conversation. If it’s not a simple P.I.D adjustment your screwed.


When you burn it in be on top of it with a secondary thermometer not from him. The mantle overshot so bad it burned my insulating rope and left char on the bottom of the outside of my new Rocco boiling flask that I can’t for the life of me get off.


I only had it set to 30°c and it was at 25°c and it was smoking and burning. The alarm went off on the mantle. I shut off power and removed Bf as fast as possible and by the time I grabbed my temp gun the mantle was cooling down and was at 121°c