New upcoming spd here


Just hooked up the welch 1400. I didn’t let it warm up or anything, nand didnt see any oil leaks. 302 for a quick vac test.


Thats about what i was getting mine down to and @Killa12345 said i likely had a leak, and to get helium to check, but it turned out to be a lack of hose clamps on a couple gl fittings…
Not sure what the ultimate vac your pumps are rated at, but you may have a leak…
You have the heater chiller you should probably use it, but i got away with the re501 water bath and an ezclone mag450 cloner pump @70c it likely would have handled hotter

Im not sure on this someone with more knowledge will know more, but in the head thermo probe photo it looks like your probe may be inserted too far into the vapor path, i think its supposed to be in line with the top of the condenser tube.
Im not sure if it matters but i read it somewhere…


If i have time tonight, ill set the entire system up (minus the fluid lines), and pull a vac and see what she does then. This time ill let the vac warm up for 30mins before checking the numbers


Sorry y’all. Working in the mountains with no internet and phone sucks. Be back around in 3 days. Snow blows!


Snow is awesome…
As long as you have a board/skies, a big mountain (heli is epic bonus), and a nice female doesnt hurt either.


As well as after the trap, you can clean it with ethanol or isopropyl. Not acetone. Itll help if it starts to read high.


Yes it drips due to gravity… always upright for gauges… they still get dirty but its alot slower… you can clean it with iso or ethanol. Not acetone. Just drop some in, when its off… and let it sit… then drain and repeat… allow to dry and should be good to go


Slip the tubing over the threaded glass for a better seal, skip gl fittings, they tear and can ruin a run. Just be careful with removal of the tubing…


He mentions always cut the tubing from fittings vs tryingnto pull off.

Off to get new helium tank, and set up and do test run w/o heat


not I, but sound advice. :thinking:
I’m guessing it was @Roguelab

when using brute force, you have two opportunities to break your glassware. by pulling (breaking) the fitting off, or smacking into something else when the hose actually moves.

suggesting a brass wire-wheel to remove stuck hoses without damaging stainless fittings with your knife would be more my style :wink:

wish I’d learned it 20 years earlier…


Broke the glass thread on a dewar cold trap trying to remove a hose off a gl fitting while the cold trap was cold. Shit sucked. Wound up using epoxy and permanently attaching the fitting to where it was broken.


I just use a small razor knife to cut the hose off, then score the hose over the threads until it xomes off easily.


now I’m certain it was @Roguelab :rofl::rofl:


I’ll trust the epoxy over cheap glass any day.


Sounds like you have change a few radiator hoses in your day. I was going suggest score the tube then using a heat gun to expand the tube gently pulling it off. Both are effective


I went to tech school, 1 degree in automotive technology, 1 degree in culinary arts (chef). I do neither at this point in my life. Last 8 yrs i was doing autobody refinishing and custom work for gm/Chrysler show car divisions.

I worked on a certain yellow car thats been in quite a few hit movies.

Now i just grow and do extracts (the latter with lots of help from you fine ppl)


As far as head temp probe placement. The tip of the probe should be further tword the top by the vapor trail doing into he head path, correct?


Got her all set up. Hitting 894 microns

Had leaks at the thermo well spots. Any ideas on what to do next? Using the helium tank, im not noticing the vac gauge going up

Small leak at the bf to head spot


What a good target micron to shoot for pre heat and no dry ice in the cold trap?

Going to change the oil again


With the edwards 30 mine pulled to 36 within 5 minutes tops, pump was semi warm from the last test but not hot, target should be under 100 from what i was told, and it shouldnt take long to pull down to it, no dry ice in the trap, and all glass greased…
Id like to help more help but thats all i got, i know killa got a custom rubber or something if the like for his probe, i think i lucked out on mine

Edit: just noticed you said pre heat, and with mine the numbers i mentioned above were cold, i set heat to like 40c then used vacuum valve to slowly pull the crude in, then increased the heat once vac got to below 100 i think
Looking at my notes my vac was at 508 when i hit 110