New upcoming spd here


You don’t want cold water. You want hot water. Cold water will stall the distie in the condenser causing it to not flow at all


I didnt want water to leak from the gl fittings


Cold water andna heat gun or lamp

I can also use the bucket room temp water option worh a pond pump


I’ve never had water leak out of a gl fitting. Just saying


How exciting!!! I’m a bit worried about how the cold water in the condenser might fare with using a heat gun so close to it.

  1. Temp differentials and glass never end well.
  2. The heat gun can only get you running passed the condenser. How are you planning on alleviating clogs within the condenser channel?


Dont know. Its either use the bucket/pump, tap, or use my recirculating chiller heater


Have you considered the Sous Vide bucket with an aquarium pump approach? That’s what I’ll be rocking for my first run.


I can use my 5 l rotovap bath


So can I count on you running your 1st ever pass tomorrow??


That’s not gonna cut it for a chiller/heater for a spd setup. You need an actual recirculating heater/chiller. I bought mine used for 1600.00.

This is not a cheap extraction to get into. It costs big $, but you get it back after 1 or 2 runs

Hummmmmm I wonder who said that a couple of months ago??? Just hook up your VWR and ramp it up to 125c And Lets Get It On Like Donkey Kong :sunglasses:


Thanks for the clarification on the chiller/heater. Ill just use my chiller/heater vs playing games with proper temps in a bucket. I have a vmr 1167p recirculating chiller heater. Just plain old distilled h20, not mixed with glycol? I couldnt find any info on what mixture (if any) to use.

And 125c on the chiller temp? In my notes it says 40-60c.

I do have everyrhing needed in hand. Im on dad duty all day today, qifes at work. Monday is the dsy now.that gives me 2 more days to set up, retweak a few things, and pull a vac.


No problem brother. I’m just feeding your advice to me back to you. I’m looking at a USALABS heater that goes to 299c and its 1,199.95. The problem with the bucket tech is the cost of the pump to handle the high temp’s. Pond pumps fail at high temp. Also I have read that a mixture of 50/50 glycol and water is the mix you want to run in your heater/chiller

Their more than a few ppl on this site that’s running their condenser at 90c and @Roguelab run’s his as high as 125c on 1st pass and 90c on the second pass.


Sweet 50/50 glycol to water!


Not to draw people off the page but theres alot of info on my IG for free, as well as the pay website i made is pretty thorough, were adding stuff pretty regularly as well


Heater/ chiller works perfect


@Demontrich I also just read where your Bullseye will last longer and give more accurate reading when placed in the upright position


Ill flip it around (done). Now being in a vacuum, i dont see how it being originated has any effect.

Unless the reasoning is vapor being sucked down, can and may “drip” down into the thermocouple if in its current position, vs being upright?

Or am i overthinking things again? Like my tape.


Just did a quick blank off. I didnt let the pump warm up for this test. 253 microns, and crawl9ng fufurther down. I believe this pump should go down a bit more after allnit put together, pump warmed up, and dry ice 8n the cold trap


Dripping down and fucking with the sensor is what I also thought of. Great minds think alike lmao :+1:


yes you wouldnt want your sensor as a low point. any liquids condensing in the line will drop out at that low point.