New upcoming spd here


Seems as thought @Soxhlet has the hookup on parts.


Look up Ypsi Oil Co. or Buds Hydro both are Michigan based and offer SPD training.


Well that’s what you would think but its far from true. In fact I almost guarantee that you will have leaks and ruin at least a couple batches before you realize your mistake. It takes an incredible amount of vacuum and heat. Take the cost of the oil you will burn and add the time it takes to do so, coupled with the fact that you could have done things right from the get go I would say you are going to lose 10-20k.


But I believe you have me confused with a commercial operation. I’m small time, 10-20k I’ll go back to purchasing vs making.

But an 800 expense isnt going to break my bank in the least.


That literally looks like the OSS kit, almost like they purchase that and resell it to you.


What manufacturer of glassware would you recommend?


Where’s a good source for hose, I only use about a foot or less I’m all 1” stainless. I like the stuff across sells but I need a lot bigger inside diameter with a thick enough wall to handle high vacuum and have had horrible luck, even contacting saint-gobain directly.


Better to spend less at first to see if it’s something you want to even keep pursuing, you don’t need a chiller though at all so if you can cancel or return and save your self thousands


I purchased both sizes I use from Amazon. I use only Nalgene high vacuum hose. The ¼" inside diameter hose has a super thick ¼" wall and Nalgene is a dream to work with. It can withstand autoclave temperatures and is FDA certified for food applications. I can easily cut the thick polymer with regular scissors.

The cool thing is that it stays in place and is well behaved. It lays were you put it instead of trying to curl up or uncurl. The ¼" stuff is $17 per foot and ten feet has lasted me now going on a few years. I achieve very deep vacuum by only sticking to stainless steel except the coupling of metal to glass which the Nalgene handles. I keep the length as short as possible. I use a larger diameter Nalgene hose for my sublimator which has the large vacuum port but use an adapter to bring it down to ¼" because the large stuff gets pretty bulky with such thick walls and ¼" then fits my bell jar chamber and my own SPD head (I actually do own a very nice chemglass 14/20 short path head but only used it a few times).


I use 3/8 and I believe the wall thickness is the same, I use less than 12” on my whole system and it does least a while it really only get funky when I use my take off adapter after I close it and then open it it tends to suck a lil azulene/distilate into the hose . If I open it fast I can almost get it to get sucked into the cold trap. Just always looking for a better product and a cheaper price. Thanks for all your tips on ig as well I am always using methanol so the terps seperation fit right into the way I do things.


So I have pretty.much all that’s needed to make this run happen… it’s only taken 6 months or so.

All spare parts are in hand, or on it’s way in the next day or so.

Next wed/thurs/friday is “go day”.

One thing I have not even bothered to dig out is my recirculating heated/chiller VWR 1167p is the chiller I have on hand. Does anyone know how to test this to make sure this is good to go before I start my run? I have 3 gallons of glycol and plenty of distilled h20 on deck.


can you just use some tubing and pipe the inlet to the outlet and crank it on?


That’s what I was thinking.

I’m hoping to fill this 500ml flask up vs the 250ml that came with the kit.


I started with the 2l spd kit from Dave also. The FIRST thing i had to upgrade was the spin bar for the mantle. The small white one barely worked if at all. Dave told me as heat increases the white ones dont work as well. He sold me a little green one made from rare earth magnets. It made all the difference in the world.

Also my cow and recieving flasks dont fit properly where the recieving flask is pointed straight down. Its always a little cockeyed no matter which flask is pointed down or if its the triple cow or mono cow. I called then emailed usalab with a pic and got no response.

I have made several other small upgrades to the system to bring it up to spec but its a work in progress.

My next SPD purchase will be USA made glass and 5L


I guess I can set it all up tonight while I test my chiller.

My spin bar kept jumping when I decarbs


Not going tonuse the chiller. I can get cold water from the faucet, and use the run off for plant waterings.

The silicone tapen is good for up to 260c

Please critique

Setting up now, and fine tuning it.


Is that ptfe type tape wrapped around those chiller joints or some kind of heat shrink sealer??


Its silicone wrap tape

Good for up to 260c

I dont want to be chasing vac leaks


You don’t vac that. That area is for fluid to circulate


That is the fluid area for hot water to circulate. No vacuum is applied there