New upcoming spd here


Nice work! :ok_hand:


Hair dryer will probably work, i used a heat gun with no issues just set it lower, even the keck clips are hard to melt unles you hold it on them… but that styrofoam behind will melt, i see what your concern is now…
Looking great your on the downhill roll now, the hard part was starting…


I have some 1800 silver tequila id like to pass around to you all

Loving the steady 95 micron

Make that 82 micron


Shes been slow flow, steady drip from the head flow tube for about 1hr now.

Sv 200
Pv 200
Hv 185.7
Vac 86
Con 75
Stir 1400


When your head temp drops off and vac gets even deepet youre ending heads and near tails, you could then increase heat and prepare to switch… that was my indicator vs watching the color its a subtle quick change color wise…
Good job its looking perfect!


203 got her going again


Thats been the magic # on both of my runs :sunglasses:
Just my second run i tried pushing to 206 and tails came fast with no head temp drop lol
Can you see your stir bar yet?


Just barely the center part of it.

It seems to flow nice at 203. Iill keep anneye out for the red.


Mine wasnt as much red as it just started looking darker, thats what i meant by subtle and after staring at it for countless hours it comes quick and so thin it looks like good oil just not that light gold


I still have 3hrs garden duty to do



Lookin good, you probably have a ways to go yet, you started with 780grams? That was decarbed weight right?


Yeah, lets just say 700. I tossed in 28g of bho as well. Wasnt the best to flip.


Your 500 looks about half full eh?




I dont drink. Got Milk??:sunglasses:


Looking good brother. Before you know it you will be called the master of your own SPD :+1:


Still dripping a good color
Its over half full


Looks good, whats your head temp?


Im at
Sv 208
Pv 208
Hv 181.0
Vac 89
Con 77
Stir 1400

Shes still dripping super light distillate.
Albiet a slow drip.


Its hard to tell with the pictures, seems a little darker but then i look back and it looks the same,
You gotta be right there or real close. i was pretty much in tails both times when my sv got much above 205.