New to SPD few hard to find questions


Have a few questions on spd have almost all the equipment still working on the crude an making sure everything is going to go as smooth as possible for my first run but still alil concerned an a few things
First off it have a 2l AI spd An I know 1l is the recommend least amount but has anyone ran less in a 2l set up an what are the cons of running less (600 to 800)
Second. I’m not used to using micron gauges but have one coming what micron should I be most definitely around or never go over An is a vacuum reg really necessary
Third what do ppl usually do with the heads of the distillation haha assuming just throw it out


Running less than 1/2 (1000ml) to preferable 2/3 (1500ml) will give you problems. You need to get 100 micron or less to be decent, or again problems. . I just keep heads in a jar , was adding back to give me a little more volume for next run but I downsized to 500ml


Just buy a smaller work flask, and fill the gap of the mantle with rope. Or buy a smaller mantle and work flask. That’s what I did. 2l and a 500ml mantle/flask


So you can fill the gap if you want to work with a smaller flask


IT s probably not neccesary to fill the gAp
Aluminium foil covering the gaps on the top side is often enough but rope sand or aluminium marbels do the trick
Working with less than half a flask might not give enough vapor pressure to pass the head
Make sure stirbar is set at max for that volume and insulate the head with rope or aluminium foil with fiber glass cloth
Vacuum depht 300 micron is about the highst for heads and mains
A vacuum contrloler is not so important a vacuum gauge ia