New to making diamonds

I’ve been making shatter for about 7 years and recently have decided I want to give diamond mining a try. I want to make them in mason jars, but unsure of what size mason jars I should use. I don’t want to do big runs as I’ve never tried making them so I want to try running a quarter pound to try and I don’t want to use mason jars that are too big or to small.


let me wipe the dust off these for you good sir

Or this tek is great for BEGINNERS

No crc powders needed. just freeze everything with dry ice,. Material, solvent, everything froze on dry ice prior to running! BLAST FAST AND COLD
Then proceed with hot jar tek
only reason it wouldn’t work is either ur material is old as fuck and naturally decarbed. Or you didnt freeze w dry ice, material and solvent too!


Btw the search bar works wonders around here. This is only the Umpteenth thread about this


That is about the size of my runs, I use little 8oz jars. Works great.


Thanks, asking because I want to make sure I leave enough solvent, but not too much . do you have any pictures after you pour into your jar or do u blast right into the jar ?

If you’re open blasting, you’ll probably need a bigger jar to blast in, let it evap till it’ll fit in the little jar, evap till it’s like warm honey, cap it, burp it, etc.

No pics atm, cleaned my phone up recently.

I’d recommend the hot tek thread @StoneD mentioned, it’s not nearly as long as the other, but still gives enough information.


I would blast into a Pyrex dish and use a water bath to boil of some butane, to make it fit in the mason jar. Should I not use a warm water bath to evaporate some butane ? Just let it evaporate at room temp ?

I’ve read a lot in the otss thread, but there is a lot to read through there lol

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Warm water is ok, but be careful of moisture I’d say. Keep your bath around 95 or so, then pour when there’s about half the jar left in the pyrex.

Still use 8oz jar? Cold crash after with dry ice for 1-2 days?

Pour it into a jar…let it sit out for couple hrs till it’s slow moving bubbles here and there.

If u can blow on it and it makes oil layer film on top that’s another good sign its ready. Cap wait couple hrs apply heat via heating pad w temp controller or vacuum oven


You don’t think I’ll need to cold crash? another question, a guy I know who makes diamonds told me it’s a lot easier to get diamonds to form from sativa then indica, he said it usually takes a lot longer for diamonds to form when he uses indica ? Any truth to that ?

No need to cold crash, brother. It’s all about the evaporation of your residual butane and terpenes. Just stick your capped off jar of goo in a warm place, I use 2 lids, to avoid popping.

Nah, don’t give in to all that sativa/indica hype. It’s all about the terps my g. The terpene profile of the plant is what determines it’s medicinal/recreational effects in tandem with cannabinoids. With that said, each terp has a different boiling point and thus a different evaporation rate. Citrusy strains usually make good diamonds in good time, ime.


No. It’s about terpene content, thca, and saturation


Once capped, how often do you think it should be burped ?

I usually don’t start burping until I see a well defined crystal puck. After that, I burp every other day till I’m satisfied with the separation, and till vapor pressures have decreased.


Use straight walled jars 100-500 ml, seed with largest available diamond right before sealing.

I don’t wanna seed, that’s basically cheating lol

Why is it cheating?


Make diamonds then use your diamonds to seed.

I wanna make diamonds first, that’s what I mean

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