New to BHO looking to achieve Shatter or Pull and Snap

Hello Future,

So much wicked information around here, I definitely appreciate it!

I’ve been at it for about a month now, learning and trying new things as I go. I guess I’m at about 20-25 pours or so and still coming up a bit short in the consistency. Most are turning out quite soft or sugar right up. The CRC info has helped a ton, helping me achieve the desired colour and the flavour seems to be there as well. Any info or tips would help out for sure, so I’ll give you an idea of how I’m doing things:

  • Closed-loop system
  • 1.5 lbs of fairly new and dry trim
  • From bottom to top in my CRC: 1.5 cups T-5, 1/3 cup Magil-PR, 1/3 cup Silicate 60. I pack that down using a 4" diameter disc by hand, which is the diameter of the spool. (That combo has produced some very nice looking BHO).
  • Blast the tane at my room temp. It’s winter in BC but only about 2-8 deg C. This is done in a shed with doors open.
  • Don’t use anything to chill the tane
  • Allow the honey pot to be thick before the pour (heating to 80f)
  • Pour at room temp on parchment
  • Put in oven that’s pre-heated at 90f
  • Allow the slab to just about reach oven temp
  • Pull full vac (600)
  • Flip every day
  • 4th day is the final day
  • Shatter looks good, tastes quite nice BUT usually quite soft or sugars up.

That’s really in a nut shell.

I have tried several oven temps, from 85-95 but find the same results.

Any help or other questions I could answer that can produce that help, would be a pleasure.

Why the magsil pr? Do you need to get rid of pesticides? For shatter i pour with a little solvent still so i don’t agitate too much trying to get on parchment. Also i run as cold as dry ice will get solvent