New Summit SPD-8 Head

Heater elements yes pretty stable temp control with a variac not sure if the stay
Or get swaped with tubbing heat exchanger
Well see


Either way, I dig it!


Any concerns with residual solvents and those elements? Perhaps they are coated?

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If they stay they will get coated
No fear here :sunglasses: no not sure yet how it s gona work out yet biggest isseu is finding the glassblower that has the right sized annealing oven for the head


there are actually off the shelf magnetic overhead shaft couplings for ST jointed lab hardware, dm me if you need the source.

yet you keep blabbing in my DMs how you’re “the expert” at distillations and how i’m not an actual chemist.

  1. nah, a cold trap does that. if you’re still dealing with large volumes of non condensable gases, either your still has a leak, you’re deliberately introducing inert gas or you’re thermally overloading your distillate so it decomposes.

  2. you totally ignore the fact that independently of stage count, the ultimate vacuum of RV pumps depends mainly on the vapour pressure of the sealing medium, which is ruined by volatile contaminants in the oil for any oil based pump.

either way, a dual head diaphragm backing pump with adequate displacement will be a better choice than an inline single stage RV oil pump that will still get its oil contaminated, as a diaphragm pumps’ ultimate vacuum depends on properly sealing mechanical valves, not vapour pressure of a liquid.

this is absolutely basic first semester practical lab knowledge. how embarassing is it for you not to know this?

I didn’t say anything like that. What I said if you were a chemist you’d know these topics better. Unfortunately you are full of misinformation and spewing illogical statements without thinking it through. I simply asked you a question and you baraded me with illogical inaccurate information. Then you attacked me. So I supported the facts and reiterated them to help you understand.

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The only thing basic is your tenuous grasp of vacuum technology and half ass explainations that don’t make sense. Diaphragm pumps have about ten times less effective pump curve than a single stage sogevac(not rv so not sure where you got that nonsense from). When diaphragm pumls get contaminated their diaphragm opperating principle suffers and they cannot even remotely pump same curve. They need to be clean it else they suffer. Single stage pumps like the sogevac aren’t affected at all by contamination becusee they are single stage and they do not recompress vapors after the first stage. The oil is typically also not as affected bc, they are a single stage.

In case you don’t know this. A 12c is the largest diaphragm pumps and beat known curve on a analysis table. The sogevac beats it by three times with displacement and pump curve performance clean, and not to mention when dirty it spanks the diaphragm.

First year chemistry info? Sounds like you need to take a first year vacuum pump maintenancing and technology class to upgrade your skills and knowledge to 2021.

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I love how you twisted everything I said up becusee you lack the knowledge to have these discussions. Infact you are spewing more nonsense and incorrect opinions that aren’t followed with any known facts in the industry…to attack me when you are the one who ran out of ammo in the conversation and began insulting me.

What you don’t know is your problem. What other customers know and are able to use to thier benefit doesn’t concern you I guess. You can keep telling people wrong info and insisting on your broken opinion on this subject matter. If you want we can have a meeting and I can help you understand and explain everything to you. Just have a seat and I’ll help you out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Don’t forget. You can still be a chemist and only knowledgeable on chemistry. That doesn’t make you a engineering or pump specialist. It’s plain and simple. Drive down the bay area highways and check out all the engineers and phds and everyone stuck on the side of the road bc they can’t manage or know how to change thier tires.


I don’t know exact what happened on what thread but here’s a screen shot of my responce to you.

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Yeah dude, whatever…I just got off the phone with my friend Jürgen Matthies working at Leybold in Cologne (the guys who make Sogevac pumps, and resell rebranded KNF diaphragm pumps), anyone interested in factual info can reach his colleagues in tech support during regular business hours (Berlin time zone) at +49 221 347 1112. They’d be very happy to help and clear up any misinformation spread here.


You are so full of shit with your loaded responces. You’re talking to the only person in the industry years ago who demonstrated this in videos and testing blurps posted on Instagram and everything. Summit research created the very first touch screen vacuum controller that is first on market certified out the door for analytical vacuum readings. I’ve literally shown this in testing with pump curve graphs and you Wana deny analytical demonstrations and data supplied?

You think diaphragm pumps when dirty for some reason are better than say a 65b sogevac single stage pump? Ate you fucking high?

Knf only makes smaller style pumps to begin with and you can’t compared knf to vacuubrand. Vacuubrand takes the trophy for some of the best made pumps on market.

Dude you are being fed wrong info.

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I literally sell a analytical tool I developed to give customers these answers at thier finger tips. Wana argue with a certified device? Try it.

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There only one pump that competes with a sogevac.

It’s called a pure vapor. A new pump that’s a screw pump release by vacuubrand a month or so ago.

Literally. We have pump curves from analytical devices that demonstrate this.

Of you had these tools at your disposal you wouldn’t be making rediculous commentary.

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Yet you don’t work with or for any of the real players in pump technology. Probably because all of them ain’t got shit on you, amirite? I guess them suckers don’t even know how to pump :fist:

Hi y’all,

Are you referring to vacuu-pure?
Been eyeing this guy myself, have you run one yet?


I work with all the players. Leybold is owned by atlas same as Edwards. We deal with with all those companies and thier direct sales people.

We also deal directly with thier warranty centers and all the direct techs responsible for those departments.

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Yea sorry typo , we have the if you want a below MSRP deal