New summit rotovap

I’m sure @spdking will have some comments, but has anyone checked out the rotovap summit posted on Instagram? Any quotes?

“Reinventing the rotovap” seems like a tall order for adding the kind of features listed. Personally I almost never pay extra for equipment loaded with extra do-dads and whistles, I feel that a well trained and educated operator should be able to handle using a basic roto to accomplish their needs. My policy, if the funding is there, is stainless instruments chained for semi and continuous operation, less broken parts and more scalability.

Some of the features seem like they examined the features people like about falling films and added them to a roto, which could be useful.

This is not, and should not be used as a hate on summit thread. Objective and relative discussion of their gear please.

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It looks dope af honestly


Hardly reinvented but nice none the less. Whats recovery speeds lookin like

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I like it! Recovery rate and HOW MUCH?

Case in point.




Yeah. Tip of the shit iceberg.

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I don’t want to diminish anyone’s feelings towards the guy, but as stated before this is for objective discussion of the equipment not subjective discussion of the owner of said business.

I’ve run rotovaps as simple as a 2L analog chinese model to high end industrial heidolphs, and while I’m no fan of the cheap units I just cant justify spending the $60k heidolph wants for some of their 20L rotos.

So yeah reinventing the wheel is probably a bit much, but if theres a new wave of more affordably priced units with bells and whistles then I’m sure theres a market for them.


Yeah right dude

Looks great! Summit always has good products although sometimes too much added on!

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This is gonna be a great thread. Wanted to see about this new rotovap. Greeted by lawyers and anti Semitic accusations. This place is great.

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