Pretty confident the hexane layer is still full of cannabinoids


Maybe try washing the organic layer three times with aqueous NaOH at the specified pH range. Then add NaCl to the combined aqueous layers until the organic salt crashes out? This would simplify executing multiple washes, but I’m not sure how effective salting out later will be vs. starting out with basic brine.


any updates? Try purging the murky layer Roguelab?


three phase solution is sloppy


The hexane layer deffinatly has cannabinoids My thought is that thc is not thca so i think the non acitic cannabinoids don t dance the NAOH dance
Maybe @Photon_noir can ellaborate on this
All ethanol was recovered normal atmosphere and heat
So My guess is that quiet Some decarboxilation had taken place


There is a lot to this thread. If you are talking about a 3 phase solvent system of heptane/water/ethanol, then you have added a lot of water. Every layer will contain various concentrations of all 3 solvents, and therefore also differing concentrations of resin and cannabinoids… it is technically an unknown multi-phase system if terpenes are present. The layers separate by density, but again, all 3 contain a little bit of everything.


Is Thc Capable of
Moving to A water phase When ph is droped to 13ph or can only Thca do this ?


I have 80% CBD oil and 3% THC. Thoughts on equipment that can get me below .3%


There are sop s for sale that can take care of that with very little aditional equipment


THC and THCa are not very water soluble at all, regardless of pH. It is possible to get some THCa into water with low pH, then salt it out with abit of acid, but the yield is pretty low.


Have a direction for me to look?


The Good Life Gang here and @Future has things like that in his data dump collection!


@steelrollin dm him for more details