New plug new bud crystals are growing finally


Do you even carbon scrub if done properly? Or do you just go straight to distillation? I was under the impression that if you extract the cannabinoids then you have to extract the phospholipid layer around them in the trichomes.


How much material are we talking that requires a minimum of 2-4 hrs for dewax? I run two pounds at a time and only let my material sit in my dewaxing column for all 20 minutes max. My COAs return less then 2% when I dewax. And usually around 5-8% when I run cold. I really like your system in the photo above. And really like the fact you run passive. How much do you get with 2-4 hours? I’ve honestly found that after an hour or two at cold enough temps, if your solvent is supersaturated you will cold crash the thca and loose it during dewaxing


And I’ve seen it when the solvent is not supersaturated as well.


That’s true, but in the extractor you never lose any solvent bc temp an sealed… Which leads to only fats and wax if you keep under these times…that’s theory at least


Any amount of material. That’s just the minimum. 20 min is not going to be enough. I do runs from 2kilo to 4kilo depending on how when it was frozen. I don’t do it in that short amount of time. Dewaxing is an all day event. Sorry, @StoneD, but running cold as possible isn’t as thorough as I can get. 2-4 hours is the baseline for it to properly coagulate. Ideally, I would stall into one chamber at a low temp for a short amount of time, dump and filter into the next chamber. Next go as cold as I can for the next alloted amount of time, then filter and recover.


That’s basically exactly what I was saying but hell yeah…I don’t have 2nd stage dewax…forced to blast fast and cold


What do you do with your fats and lipids when you’re done. I feel I never really have enough to keep. Moving that much material I’m guessing you have lots of fats and lipids


Throw em away. I would have to be doing multiple times more to have enough left over to make anything with. I’ve thought about keeping some of the fats from some good smelling strains and making chap stick with it. But only a small amount. Strains like purple punch or wedding cake would work well for that because their fats still smell good


Winterize them


I am pretty sure all of this is in the whitepaper we wrote and linked you to in at least a few posts around here.
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Truly selective extraction means targeting exactly what you want and excluding that which you do not want. Again, and hopefully for the last time, using 190 proof potable ethanol at less than -67°C with reasonable contact time with properly broken down (not pulverized or blade chopped) plant matter of about 3 to 5 minutes (15 minutes, absolute max) extracts only pure cannabis resin… or at least pure enough that recovering the solvent should leave you with perfectly useable crude for cannabinoid distillation.

You only have to filter out solid plant particles, which includes trichome stalks and capsule membrane husks, woody and leafy particles, and if you really want to polish it up, cell fragments using 0.2 micron depth filtration.

Nearly everything unnecessary stays in some sort of solid particulate form that you can simply filter out, as long as you keep the ethanol at or below -67°C!