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Hey everyone. This is my first year as a hemp
Farmer. I decided to try something different & run them indoors , with my No till soil mix. All of my plants are fed only WATER ph’ed to 7.0. No bottled nutrients at all & no pesticides. The strains are as followed. T-1 , sweetened , Franklin. I will have them all tested after I harvest. For now , enjoy my garden. Feel free to ask questions.

Uploading: F0953AA8-8E3D-4DF0-87AA-8112F2685BD0.jpeg… Uploading: 95AE63D0-AC3E-42F8-84A4-D81D1CA50ED2.jpeg… Uploading: 8612AA64-85BF-4812-8DD0-45C904445BB7.jpeg…


Lookin good! Welcome to the sea of knowledge lol

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Thank you!! I look forward to learning a ton.


Those are some beautiful girls


Thank you qma … you know I went into this blind , never using cbd , literally just got my hemp license. Figured I’d give it a shot , not really expecting that much… But let me tell you , these plants have changed everything. I have a new level of respect for hemp/cbd … here I’ll show you

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When they where babies … I drove 7 hours , well 15 hours to & from. Some kid who wants to try growing hemp , but not in a felid outside. I figured I’d just apply the keep it simple stupid method. Grow in no till , train the plants , provide a good environment.

Is the flower compliant? If so, is it spoken for?


Also curious as to those questions^

Can you please DM me the source for the genetics you used. Those look absolutely beautiful.!

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I have the testing results from where I purchased them from. But once I harvest , I’ll get my own testing done.

It’s not spoken for , it could be anybody’s :money_mouth_face::slightly_smiling_face:


So where did I leave off. Ahh yes , little babies… right away I was impressed with how they grew. They stacked nodes very quickly , easily trainable. Get this , i got roots from every clone I pulled :sunglasses: so now that I had my genetics secured. It was time to flower these girls out. And let me tell you , they where bursting with pistols.

If you look close , some of the outer edges of the leaves will yellow ever so slightly. My soil mix is lava hot. It would kill a very younge seedling. A plant must be fully rooted before getting this stuff under its roots.

Here are the testing results from the grower I got the plants from. These are not my test, but are samples from my strains. Mine may test different, because I grow them differently. Maybe you guys can help me out with the readings. Not to sure what I’m looking at & what good or bad. So please help me out

Harvest is close !! Trichome check time

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Who knew hemp could look so exotic :sunglasses:Uploading: BAA8E7C8-6FA8-452A-B53B-2DF9CAE4D225.jpeg… Uploading: E05D291A-8353-4222-B423-F0BC1FAA07E1.jpeg… Uploading: 29EEBA56-4E7D-4526-9273-23D28CFF98BC.jpeg… Uploading: 779BC889-3DC1-48C3-8FCE-1421BB39C210.jpeg…

Uploading: 104C1C70-F37A-4F6B-AE02-2AD73E41C667.jpeg…

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Colorful hemp/cannabis

1 week & they get the axe.

Some of those crazy colors are starting to come out in my hemp strains

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