New Lab Society Reactor Head

Has anyone else seen the new LS 150MM reactor head?

Thing looks beast

Mike the owner of lab society told me he got it to do 3.5-4.5 liters an hour (the opening for the vapor path is 100MM which is HUGE compared to all the previous heads they’ve made)

Kinda thinking about grabbing one when it comes out to play with



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What is the benefit of condensing in the head versus in the condenser? Wouldn’t a shorter head with a large vapor outlet achieve the same thing?

They’ve patented the way their head condenses that vapor, tbh it makes it hard to blow azulene by as it wants to condense in the head instead of in the condenser but in another video mike seperated azuelene out with this beast NP

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Just seems like if you condense in the head, you reduce the amount of reflux which speeds you up but makes the distillation less selective. If you condense in the condenser, you get more separation but less throughput. The only real factors are the efficiency (plates per inch or whatever) and vapor path diameter. Seems way cheaper and easier to make a shorter head with a big hole if what you want is faster speeds with poorer separation. Not sure why this would be better.

FYI I’m talking about the “proverbial you”. Just my thinking on this, I’d love an explanation otherwise


Too many heads and designs are aimed at creating liquid in the head and then collecting that liquid. That will always produce a lower quality distillate in my opinion.

In my experience the liquid in the head should be rejected as much as possible. While allowing the pure vapors to pass.


The one thing they’re doing that I think is different is they’re wrapping the head. Go look at it in other videos, they’ve designed a special top for the mantle so its heated all the way the top of the head. The silvering is even covered I believe. The way this works is way different then there other heads I feel like as I’d always get azulene in my disty no matter the temp of the condenser, Mike has a video blowing it by though so maybe this head will cause rapid condensing of cannabinoids and not terpenes / heads

If The flange is 100mm then inner tube is still standard like our traditional heads. If the flange is 150 then you can go wider. Out 150 flange has larger than 100mm bore.

Would you like to try out a pro head? @Kingofthekush420

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It’s just a cheaper way to make something. You want vacuum jackets around the condensing area Wich makes it run more efficient when it comes to selecting fractions. The reason it’s like that is bc it’s more expensive to put jackets on larger heads. This is just a cheaper construction tech and allows for less selectivity when using the head since the collection area acts like a huge heatsink. You can still get the same effect with vacuum jackets but the efficiency now better in retaining head temps. This way you don’t take unwanted molecules that should either drop out or not get sucked in.

The larger heads with jackets become costly and more difficult to make with higher failure out of the ovens. While the single or double vacuum jacket setup tend to work way better over all, bias to cost it’s worth it. You can use any hb or 8 series head with a coil or a halo and achieve better results over all than any other head on market when it comes to speed and efficient clear colors.

Untrue. This is happening(wrapping everything) becusee the design is highly inefficient and the heads are tossing heat into the rooms.


If you add fractions back together and redistill the azulene jumps out faster.

Most videos online are places reusing thier fractions to boast unreal results instead of videotaping a single pass crude.

Azulene bounces out of recombined fractions as well as cbd crude. On thx it holds back much more.

Sounds like we need a hash fight!


I remember the homie coming to the conclusion that you guys just clog up the condenser and heat gun it out meanwhile filming the cow :rofl:


Say Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Exactly, but it’s fun to watch those dudes reinventing the wheel over and over. Distillation fundamentals have been pretty much exhaustively researched, being such an old technique and all.

:shushing_face: don’t tell @spdking

Wait what. You need to make more sense than that when asking a question.

What do you think our tech heads are based on. The shortest distance with widest bores fittable between flange sizes.

I’m already on it. That’s why I own dozens of short path patents in this technology far before anyone else who’s just copying my work…

Summit Research patented Chode-tek

My young lad, I’ve been the only pioneer in this industry. We don’t copy people. People copy us.

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umm… a weekend off and too much cocaine?


You’re the only pioneer?

Wouldn’t that make you more like

A fringe lunatic?

If so, you’re not alone- I’m also here.