New Lab - Just made first batch of THC distillate seeking advice on selling it. (Maine)


Hello All,

Just wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves,, and humbly ask for some advice since we are more scientists than sales guys. lol

We are a medically licensed caregiver, located in Maine that is now able to legally produce pure, high quality Cannabis Distillate (THC or CBD) using the advanced scientific process known as molecular distillation. As many of you know, distillate is a further refinement process that uses normal extracts like CO2 and BHO as crude oil that we then refine into 95%+ pure product. We also 3rd party test every batch to make sure it is pure and free from residual solvents, as well as do a Cannabinoid Profile test so people know exactly what they are buying. (We just sent out our first sample to be tested earlier this week)

Under our medical caregiver licence our understanding is we can only sell up to 2.5 Oz. (~70g) at a time to a patient providing they have the right medical documentation. At this time we can offer a delivery service only. We would prefer to sell in bulk and would offer great bulk pricing deals.

Soon we will be getting our Maine Medical Tier II Processing license and will then be able to process grows from other Caregivers and Dispensaries that are also part of the medical program. A Tier II license will allow us to process up to 200 lbs. at a time. This will be a service only (Only legal way to process bulk in Maine to my knowledge), in which we process your material, giving you everything produced back, and then charge a fee for the processing.

In the mean time though, we are not sure what the best way to sell our first batch of THC distillate is. How did you guys sell your first batch?

Our first batch has just been sitting in a flask for the last couple weeks because none of us know how to get patients or how to find people that would buy it. Which lead me here… (We were hoping to use the money generated from our first batch to help pay for licensing and getting our commercial kitchen up to code.)

Any help or advice on how to sell our first batch would be greatly appreciated since we are brand new to this industry. All we know so far is that we are licensed and can make product. Now we need to figure out how to sell it.

Thanks in advance for taking your time to answer. I look forward to seeing how you guys went from your first batch to where you are now.

Best Regards,



Aaron W, I would be interested in buying the distillate Can you call me or text me 8184711928 ?


Also I forgot to ask, what would be a good, fair price to sell THC Distillate for? Both wholesale and retail? New to the industry so don’t know the going market rates yet.

Also operating on a 2L Short Path Distillation system currently so I can make a max of about 600g a batch. Roughly 0.6 liters.

Based on some rates that were offered, wondering if I should just try to post retail to weedmaps due to my low volume?

What do you guys think?


Maine is tough since the medical market isnt very demanding and the rec market regulations are not in place yet. leaving an abundance of caregivers with product and not enough “patients” to purchase it… unfortunately most caregiver i see producing extracts dump their goods on the black market up here.


Hello and congrats on your distillate run. I am locally close to you Augusta, Manchester area Would welcome to meet with you if possible and see if we can do business