New Jersey Rec Manufacturing Resources

by forwarding them the list of approved municipalities? lol I’m not sure how asking where you’re located isn’t relevant to your initial post… good luck


dm me - very involved in the market

I’m looking for Crude or other Concentrates for Distillation until my Extraction set up gets approved by the state. Purchase or Splits.

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I should have specified. Needs to be in Metrc

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The state has to approve your distillation setup? Why?

@thesk8nmidget The CRC here has to approve everything you do here. Including the SOPs you use. It’s bullshit. It really depends on the inspector assigned to your license to determine how seriously they take it. One license I operate under the guy wanted to see the everything including the gummy depositors and we had to walk him through the entire process doing a “dry run” before we got approved. Another license the lady just wanted pictures of equipment and the SOP. :person_shrugging:

But the distillation set up is easy.

What’s taking time is my C1D1 approval. Township being a dick about the building permit for it. So I can’t even talk to the Fire Marshal yet. Then I need an engineer to come sign off on the installation. :roll_eyes:



That sounds like a massive amount of red tape! best of luck!

Which is the not one of the reasons the only independent businesses (for the most part) that have gotten up and running in NJ are dispensaries.

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