New here looking to see if there's anything im missing/doing wrong.

Im running an alcohol extraction setup and i seeing if theres new tec that will help the process. I use a BVV 50L jacketed reactor, a BVV -40 chiller hooked to a wort chiller I set inside and a NESLAB ULT-80 chiller for the reactor jacket. I use 5 gallon 220 micron filter bads.
I chill the reactor and wort chillet to -35c. I freeze the trim and the alcohol in the freezer to -20. I fill the reactor with 10g of alcohol then put a 5 gallon bag in and agitate for about 45 seconds then run 3 more bags for a total of 10 to 12lbs of material in 10 gallons. I then drain that alcohol and use a cider press to get all the alcohol out of the plant material.
I take the alcohol from the reactor and put it back in the freezer overnight then run it through a 12" 1-3 micron filter with a 1/2in thick carbon and 1/2" thick de filter on top of that to remove any leftover particals.
I repeat the process 4 times since my freezer fits 40 gallons of alcohol.
Any help tips/comments welcome
From there it goes to a 20L rotovap then a short path but those are different topics.

Meant to ask if there is a set amount of material i should be running per 10gallons of alcohol. Using 10-12lbs currently.

I’m extracting room temp and getting 34# into 10gal.

Cold I would go more like 20# to 10 gal because cold ethanol can hold so much less oil


Use your roto to reduce the ethanol content of the material you’re putting in the freezer. It will save you a bunch of time when filtering.


Thanks for the tip! Have you ever tested your spent material to see if you’re leaving anything behind using that much material? I will use more per gallon but I would be afraid of leaving some behind if I almost doubled the material I’m extracting. Ill give it a shot and see what she gives me back!