New company to the space I’ve discovered. Floodable, jacketed, sealed, UL listed and certified to all required specs. 27k for 60-90 pounds an hour and 48k 180-270 an hour 48k. Want to see if there’s interest

New company believe American made or at least engineered to specs here. UL controllers and high grade steel. Engineered to high quality standards still working on vetting their quality.

Once I work out any issues with them in actual use I’m going to start slinging these like candy because the cost difference between anything even kind of close to these numbers are triple or more. At the bottom of post I compare alternatives

15 kilo hopper for 28k

45 kilo hopper for 48k

Gonna be probably 20-30 minute soak times if your doing cold. But that’s up to y’all and your SOPs I can get it down but I’ve been using warm more and warm is really quick.

It’s jacketed nicely. I have to work more with the president but I’m gonna see any kinks and work them out. Basically a replacement for ace spinner for cheap without as much high end technical consult time. I’m gonna work with them to possibly fill that role but I don’t rly want to. Still working it out. But wondering if that’s something people would be interested in.

Basically 30-45 kilos of product on the small one per hour and 90-135 kilos an hour on the large one for super cheap. Just gotta figure out how the install and tech training will work

I love the ace spinner but with my last post I wanted a no frills budget version. This is it. This is huge amount per hour with agitation if needed. Other options are capna and delta or bizzybee or ace spinner or pinnacle or a vessel style system all costing right at or over 100,000$

This is what I’ll be pushing to all my clients across the board low budget and high budget basically. Want to know if there’s an interest in a product like this


Heck yeah, I don’t have any issues with saving a few bucks…Competition usually makes for better products…right!!!

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Yeah, interesting, wonder what the build quality is like, I’ve seen to much cheapo crap from China break. Some of it is ok but not much really

Let’s see it

I wonder if you’ve been talking to the same person i have. I recently discussed a fuge with almost these exact same specs.

Let’s check it out!!!

Sounds like this place, but they don’t look jacketed.

They mention hemp in the spec sheet, but only rated to -40c.

I’ve noticed lots of sensors are only rated to -40c.


Are those American or rebranded Chinese?

Nice to see the interest. I’ll grt more specs and info to y’all when I get more signed contracts in place for my protection

You need contracts to give the specs and info to something you are going to resell?

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Those are definitely rebrand china

Literally just found this. I wanna see all the details on everything they have before I fully put my name behind it. And get everything in order. I just wanted to se if this product with everything I have so far would be an interest to people

We will see when I speak to them more. I’ll tour facility and see what’s rly what before I make any claims further

Algae Centrifuge response to my inquiry:

Our wash/dry centrifugesare capable of handling -70C and beyond thanks to upgrades specifically for cold ethanol. They are upgraded with a fluid coolant jacket, which surround the cylinder housing.

I have one smaller unit in stock right now for $19,995. All other units take 2-3 months for delivery to your door. Half deposit is required to get in manufacturing que.

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Temps and techs coming. There are going to do Chinese revamp entirely for a couple months for the low and then full American made for slightly more and both options available. 30 day money back warranty. And then year waurentee


Any progress on this? Would love to hear more

Ya changed companies. 30-40 pound loads jacketed fully domestically made. 65k

I’d like to know more about the ethanol extractor. Price and yields sound interesting. Thanks

did you hit up maytag and kenmore yet?

I would fucking love a maytag brand stainless steel washing machine.

I need to get permission to send out the brochure. Send me your email